Dailymotion: discovering and defining the video platform

by our Digital Agency and Social Media Agency Optimize 360

In this digital age, where videos are proliferating at an incredible rate on the web, one platform has managed to hold its own since its creation in 2005: Dailymotion.

A subsidiary of the Vivendi group, this website offers aaccommodation of videos, accessible to both Internet users and launch partners.

But Dailymotion isn't just about providing a place to store and watch videos; it's also about a real visual conversation that every user can enter into, thanks to a algorithm unique.


Dailymotion and its ambitions

Founded over 15 years ago, Dailymotion has rapidly become an international company, with offices in France (its country of origin), the United States, the United Kingdom and even Asia. As part of the Vivendi group, Dailymotion is a major player in the digital media sector, benefiting from synergies with other group entities such as Universal Music Group and Canal+.

Technological innovation at the heart of Dailymotion's strategy

To remain competitive with other giants in the sector such as YouTube or Vimeo, Dailymotion is betting on a state-of-the-art video technologyThis will enable us to offer definitions UHD (4K), Full HD (1080p) and HD (720p). The site has also improved sound quality encoding automatically in 720p for a small number of films, now in high definition.

What's more, Dailymotion is regularly mentioned in the dictionary, with alternative entries to describe its platform. This testifies to the popularity The site is becoming increasingly popular with Internet users around the world. To fully enjoy the videos hosted on the site, you will need a 2 Mbit/s internet connection.

Dailymotion: a multi-faceted platform

As well as technology and innovation, Dailymotion also stands out for the diversity of content it offers on its platform. Visit Internet users can find a very wide range of videos, from music videos to television programmes, film trailers, documentaries and tutorials.

A unique algorithm for a personalised user experience

One of Dailymotion's major assets is its unique algorithmThis personalised approach not only enhances the quality of the content, but also makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. This personalised approach not only improves the quality of theuser experienceIt also makes it easier to discover new videos that might be of interest to Internet users.

A platform for visual conversation and exchange

Dailymotion is also encouraging users to take an active part in the life of the platform, offering them the chance to comment, share and create personalised playlists. By placing theinteraction At the heart of its concept, the platform transforms passive viewing into a genuine visual conversation, where everyone can give their opinion, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Partnerships with professionals and business services

In order to diversify and strengthen its position in the market, Dailymotion has developed strategic partnerships from the media, audiovisual groups and companies. The platform offers a wide choice of content from these partners, to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding and diverse audience.

Special offers for businesses

Aimed at professionals, the video platform offers a range of formulas and functions in response to the growing demand from businesses for hosting and broadcasting their own videos. The advantage of such a service is that it can be integrated directly into in-store work, without the need for external hosting services.

Combating misinformation and ensuring user safety

Finally, Dailymotion is aware of the issues surrounding misinformation and violence in the home. That's why the platform strives to control the content broadcast and to put in place systems to guarantee an optimal and secure user experience, for example by filtering videos unsuitable for children or removing those inciting hatred.

In this way, Dailymotion is positioning itself as an innovative and ambitious company, having succeeded in developing a quality video platform that is accessible to all and offers diversified content. Its partnerships with other players in the field reinforce its legitimacy, while its constant drive for technological improvement demonstrates its commitment to excellence.

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