Understanding CGU in SEO: the importance of User Generated Content

by our SEO Agency Optimize 360


The world of referencing The natural environment is constantly evolving and industry professionals are always on the lookout for new ways to optimise their websites.

Among these techniques, there is a key concept to be aware of: the UGC in SEO.

In this article, we'll look at what this concept encompasses and why it's essential for good positioning in search results.


What is user-generated content (UGC)?

User-generated content, or UGC, is simply content published on a website by its users. They may be comments on a blogproduct reviews, photos shared on an online sales platform, responses on a forum, and so on.

Why is the CGU important for SEO?

The UGC offers a number of advantages for a website's natural referencing website :

    • Fresh content : The UGC allows you to regularly renew the content of a page, which is appreciated by search engines.
    • Diversity of keywords Users are likely to use a variety of terms related to the subject of the page, which enriches its semantic field.
    • Interaction The presence of comments or reviews can encourage visitors to spend more time on the page, which is a positive signal for search engines.
    • Social proof Opinions and testimonials from other users generally have an influence on Internet users' decisions, including when making purchases or requesting quotes.

10 key points for optimising CGU for SEO purposes

Now that we've seen the importance of user-generated content for a website's natural referencing, let's look at 10 tips for making the most of it:

1. Encourage opinions and comments

To encourage the production of UGC, don't hesitate to encourage your audience to give their opinion through surveys, incentives or competitions.

2. Intelligent moderation of UGC

To guarantee the quality of the content generated by your users, it is essential to set up effective moderation tailored to your target audience.

3. Optimising the display of notices

Be sure to post notices in a clear and explicit way, while taking care to design this section so that it is in harmony with the rest of your content.

4. Using structured tags

To facilitate indexing and interpretation of the UGC by search engines, consider using structured tags such as the schema.org.

5. Highlighting the best contributions

Don't forget to promote the content that is most relevant or appreciated by your audience by giving it pride of place on your site.

6. Create a space dedicated to sharing photos and videos

Visual content is often very popular with Internet users, so it may be a good idea to create a specific space for sharing photos and videos related to your products or services.

7. Encourage people to share their personal experiences

Invite your users to share their experiences of your brand or services to enrich the content of your site with authentic and engaging stories.

8. Regular analysis of UGC performance

To measure the impact of the content generated by your users on your SEO, don't hesitate to regularly consult the statistics on traffic, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine rankings. conversion and positioning in search results.

9. Continuously improve the general terms and conditions of use

The General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) govern the interactions between Internet users and your website. By working on them regularly, you can limit the legal risks and increase the confidence of your visitors.

10. Use a UGC management support service

To optimise your User-Generated Content, consider calling on a professional service for advice and support in setting this up. SEO strategy.

Conclusion: User-Generated Content, a valuable ally for your natural search engine optimisation

At the end of the day, it is clear that UGC offers many advantages for the natural referencing of a website thanks to its impact on the freshness of content, the diversity of keywords, interaction with web users and the credibility given by reviews and testimonials. Thanks to our 10 key points presented above, you can now optimise this content and improve your search engine rankings.

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