How to make an informational or competitive watch on the Internet?

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  • Posted by : Fred Poulet
competitive intelligence on the internet
  1. What is an internet monitoring tool?
  2. Doing a generalist watch on the internet
  3. Why do an informational and competitive watch?
  4. What are the differences between monitoring and information curation? 
  5. What are the different monitoring tools?
  6. How to set up a competitive intelligence?

What is an internet monitoring tool?

An information monitoring tool on the Internet is most often a tool for aggregating information feeds from websites and/or RSS feeds from news posts or articles and various blogs.

If you wish to follow a theme, some "big players" already offer pre-formatted tools to aggregate and synthesize existing information according to themes or areas of interest chosen by Internet users or companies who wish to make a kind of "press review" online.

From a simple "favorite" on a browser to find a site, to the most advanced synthesis tools, Optimize 360 gives you here a rather large panel of what you can aggregate and with what.

Doing a generalist watch on the internet

That seems to be the simplest thing. Because web monitoring tools exist de facto.

Indeed, it can be considered that Google News (or Google News) can as such automatically classify a certain amount of information from the web according to your own interests.

Google Actualites

Notably by telling Google News what you prefer to read in the "for you" section.

Whether for personal or professional purposes, it frees you from having to visit your favorite sites every day to manually extract the substantial marrow.

The information is therefore pre-checked once you have made the effort to indicate to Google your passions and/or professional interests.

Des outils comme Flipboard également ont été spécialement conçus pour ça, en vous présentant les résultats de façon plus conviviale et ludique 

Flipboard logo veille internet

We can also consider in a way that the simple fact of liking Facebook pages, following instagram or Twitter accounts ... allow us to feed from their respective feeds as a source of information.

However, this may be time-consuming, random, and more often a distraction than a ranking of selected and categorized information.

Not to mention that the algorithms of these social media will present you with partial and biased results vs. specific needs.

Why do an informational and competitive watch?

It goes without saying, but it gets better when you say it... whoever has the information has the power...

Keeping you informed and, above all, organising an informational or competitive watch is essential to be able to act, to influence decisions, and to be able to do so with an unfailing reactivity.

Strategic decisions may depend on it, especially in the context of crisis management. Listening to the web with specialized software that gives you information almost in real time allows not only an analysis of the competition, but can nowadays condition a marketing strategy, or even a company strategy.

Make your informational monitoring on the internet, and your competitive monitoring on the internet, real priorities.

Veille informationnelle sur internet

What are the differences between monitoring and information curation? 

There is a notable difference between a monitoring software or a monitoring tool and an information curation tool:

The monitoring tool will essentially be intended to do internal monitoring as its name suggests. 

The curation tool will be designed to peddle it and then rebroadcast it, sometimes with the addition of an editorial gain on the part of the person who deciphers it and who broadcasts or rebroadcasts it to his own public or "audience". 

An internet watch is therefore first of all to know what we will want to do with it.

Only get informed? Get informed and then inform back with comments or interactions with raw information?

Optimize 360 will be able to identify your needs and resources as needed to advise you on the best tools to use.

What are the different monitoring tools?

Several types of tools have to be distinguished here:

  • The "general public" tools (such as Google News, Flipboard, social networks subscription...)
  • The "semi-professional" tools and in particular flow aggregators of the type Feedly
  • Les outils “professionnels” qui vont au delà, et qui vont attaquer le web avec des moteurs intégrés. Exemples : SEMrush pour le référencement naturel et payant  / Visibilishop pour la E-Réputation / Hootsuite version pro pour les réseaux sociaux 

veille informationnelle sur internet feedly

Consideration should also be given to the fact that basic information can be shared or re-shared with a number of employees or departments within the company.

CRMs and CSRs (Corporate Social Networks) will therefore sometimes be necessary so that this aggregated information can benefit groups of people who are themselves potentially interested in the same subject.

How to set up a competitive intelligence?

Before launching yourself into information monitoring tools on the Internet, whatever they may be (especially if they are paid for), call on professionals to advise you on the subject.

For example, if you want to monitor prices for Yield Management or Revenue Management in hotels, you will obviously need to call on software and companies specialising in this field. 

Only general public or semi-professional software will not or no longer be sufficient to translate information made available on the web.

The Optimize 360 teams are at your disposal to help you if necessary.

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact our teams, or to ask us for a Free Audit or a Quotation.

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