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  • Posted by : Fred Poulet
appear in facebook suggestions
  1. 1. Who appears in your Facebook Friends suggestions?
  2. Des nouveaux contacts que vous rentrez dans votre téléphone portable...
  3. Friends of Friends Facebook 
  4. 2. Locating potential Facebook friends by analyzing your interests and your geolocation.
  5. 3. Can we influence the suggestion of Facebook friends?

Appearing in someone's Facebook suggestions can sometimes be surprising.

In fact, it is rather the other way around.

How do I make suggestions from friends within my own profile.

Optimize 360 SEO Agency, also specialized in Social Media Strategy, will try to bring you some answers to help you understand how Facebook's algorithm works to do so.

how to appear in facebook suggestions

1. Who appears in your Facebook Friends suggestions?

Des nouveaux contacts que vous rentrez dans votre téléphone portable…

First of all, if you have agreed to allow Facebook access to your phone contact base when you signed up or later in your settings, then you will be able to see the following:

    1. Enter a new contact in your phone book on your mobile phone.
    2. Observe a few days later if the new contact you've made (and who wasn't previously in your existing Facebook friends) is suggested to you as a "new friend you might know".)

In 90% of the cases Facebook will suggest him to you as a suggested new friend and will show him in the suggestions.

We can conclude here, that the protection of your personal data is flawed, because you have probably omitted to specify in your profile settings not to accept the import of your personal contacts.

Be sure for the blow, that Facebook will not have sucked that the Name and First Name of this contact ...

If you have also filled in his phone number and his Facebook E-Mail will also have captured them in his database.

friend suggestion facebook

Friends of Friends Facebook 

You can also find in the suggestions of friends, those that are proposed with "X friends in common"...

Facebook uses community cross-referencing. And the more friends the person you're referred to has who are the same as your friends (without you being in contact with them first), the more likely you'll be referred to them by cross-referencing.

Facebook also suggests as a potential friend people with whom you've been in the same group, or who have been tagged in the same photo as you on the platform on any occasion.

2. Locating potential Facebook friends by analyzing your interests and your geolocation.

C’est la deuxième manière que les algorithmes de Facebook décryptent votre “profil riche”.

When Web 2.0 appeared, version 2 of the Web, the big difference with version 1, which was just a Push of information (or top-down information), appeared, especially with Facebook people like you and me (with a Last Name, First Name, profile picture, and most importantly, attached to all this "interests that you have at one time declared.

Enriching your profile with your passions, interests, giving Facebook indications about what you like with "Likes" and the pages for which you become a "Fan" allows Facebook to set up "Similar Profiles" to yours.

In fact, this second way will allow him to try to put you in touch with suggested contacts that you may not have known before, even by interposition with existing friends, but on the basis of declared common interests.

how to appear in facebook suggestions

3. Can we influence the suggestion of Facebook friends?

Comme vous l’aurez compris dans les deux points ci-dessus, d’une certaine manière… oui…de part ce que vous déclarez aimer, des informations que vous envoyez au fur et à mesure de votre navigation et des commentaires et likes que vous faites.

But clearly, you're not the master of the game, as you've come to understand...

It's Facebook that leads the way, and sucks the data that users, or even ... their friends ... sometimes even give it without your own consent.

En effet, si l’un de vos amis par simple adjonction de votre contact à vous, indique sans le savoir vos nom, prénom, numéro de téléphone et E-Mail à Facebook… alors le réseau social les aura sans même que vous soyez inscrit …

C’est très intrusif en effet, mais il en est ainsi… parfois l’indiscrétion ou la maladresse de vos propres amis ou contacts enrichiront les bases de données de ce réseau social

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