How do I configure PrestaShop?

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Practical guide: Setting up your PrestaShop site step by step

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Set up PrestaShop

In this article, we're going to explain how to set up a website properly. PrestaShop by reviewing the various stages and essential functions involved in creating a high-performance online shop that is attractive to your customers.


set up Prestashop

Managing your product catalogue

To begin with, you need to create a complete catalogue that reflects all the products you want to sell on your site. e-commerce. By following these tips, you can create a catalogue that is clear and easy for your visitors to browse:

  • Create categories and sub-categories : This will make it easier for your customers to navigate and improve their shopping experience.
  • Enter detailed product information: each product must have a complete file with its description, technical specifications, price and several attractive visuals.
  • Set up filters: so that your customers can easily sort items according to their criteria (price, colour, size, etc.).

Adding and managing attributes

For each of your products, you can then customise the different attributes, such as size, colour or weight, to offer your customers a varied choice.

When creating your product in PrestaShop, click on the "Attributes and characteristics to add all the attributes specific to your item.

Setting up payment methods

It is essential to offer your customers a range of secure payment methods to make shopping on your site easier. PrestaShop offers two payment solutions by default:

  • Payment by cheque
  • Bank transfer

However, we strongly recommend that you set up additional modules to offer your customers more choice, such as :

  • Payment by credit card
  • Paying with a PayPal account
  • Payment in instalments

To install a new payment module, go to the Modules" > "Modules & Services" section from your PrestaShop back office, then search for the corresponding module in the search bar and click "Install".

Setting delivery charges

Delivery charges can be a decisive factor for your customers when making a purchase. It is therefore important to configure them properly and offer different options to suit individual needs. In PrestaShop, you can manage your shipping costs by following these steps:

  1. Enter your carriers: To use the rates already negotiated, go to "Settings" > "Carriers" and click on "Add a new carrier".
  2. Configure delivery zones : define the countries and regions to which you want to ship your products by creating or modifying zones in the "Settings" > "Zones" section.
  3. Define your prices: Depending on the weight, size, price of the product or destination, you can set up different delivery charges for each of your items.

Product returns management

To satisfy your customers in the event of dissatisfaction, it is advisable to offer a returns policy that is clear and easy to follow. In PrestaShop, you can configure the return conditions and the steps to be followed by your customers in the "Settings" > "Product returns" section.

Customise the look and feel of your site

Create a unique visual identity for your shop by customising its appearance using the many options offered by PrestaShop :

  • Choose a responsive theme : adapted to all screens and which will show off your products to best advantage. Many themes are available free of charge or for a fee on the official market.
  • Change colours and fonts : to match your brand image and attract the attention of your customers.
  • Add a logo : in PNG or JPEG, to reinforce your visual identity.
  • Create banners and sliders : highlight your special offers or best products using scrolling visuals on your home page.

Optimisation for natural referencing

Don't forget to optimise the content of your PrestaShop site for better search engine positioning using the following features SEO integrated. Fill in the meta tags title and description for each category, product and page, taking care to include the relevant keywords for your business sector.

By following these tips, you'll be able to set up your PrestaShop site efficiently and offer a high quality service. user experience This will not only make your customers' experience more enjoyable, but will also improve your online presence, ensuring the success of your e-commerce business.

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