How do you monitor information and competition on the Internet?

Optimize 360 information monitoring on the Internet

What is an internet monitoring tool?

A web-based information monitoring tool is most often a tool for aggregating information flows from websites and/or other sources. RSS feed from posts or news articles themselves, from blogs diverse and varied

If you want to follow a theme, some of the 'big players' already offer pre-formatted tools for aggregating and synthesising existing information according to themes or centres of interest chosen by Internet users or companies wishing to create a kind of online 'press review'.

From a simple "bookmark" on a browser to find a site, to the most advanced synthesis tools, Optimize 360 provides you with a fairly extensive range of what you can aggregate and with what.

General Internet monitoring

That would seem to be the easiest thing to do. Because web monitoring tools exist de facto.

We can consider that Google News (or Google News) can automatically classify a certain amount of information from the web according to your own centres of interest.

In particular, by telling Google News what you would prefer to read in the "for you" section.

So whether for personal or professional use, you don't have to visit your favourite sites every day to manually extract the gist.

Once you've made the effort to tell Google about your passions and/or professional interests, the information is premixed.

Tools such as Flipboard have also been specially designed for this purpose, presenting the results in a more user-friendly and fun way 

Flipboard logo internet watch

In a way, we can also consider that the simple fact of liking pages Facebookmonitor accounts instagram or Twitter .... allow you to feed off each other's feeds as a source of information.

However, this can be time-consuming and random, and is more often a distraction than a way of categorising selected information.

Not to mention that algorithms of these social media will present you with results that are partial and biased towards specific needs.

Why monitor information and the competition?

It goes without saying, but it sounds better when you say it... whoever has the information has the power...

Keeping yourself informed and, above all, organising an information or competition watch is essential if you are to take action, influence decisions, and be able to do so with the utmost responsiveness.

Strategic decisions can depend on it, especially in crisis management situations. Listening to the web with specialised software that gives you information in near real time not only enables you to analyse the competition, but these days it can also determine your marketing strategy, or even your company's strategy.

Do your information monitoring on the Internet, and your competitive intelligence on the internet, real priorities.

What are the differences between monitoring and information curation?

There is a big difference between monitoring software or a monitoring tool and a monitoring tool. curation information:

The monitoring tool will essentially be used for internal monitoring, as its name suggests. 

The purpose of the curation tool will be to disseminate and re-disseminate it, sometimes with the addition of editorial added value on the part of the person decoding it and disseminating or re-disseminating it to their own public or "audience". 

The first step in monitoring the internet is to find out what you want to do with it.

Just informing yourself? informing yourself and then informing you in return with comments or interactions with the raw information?

Optimize 360 will be able to identify your needs and resources and advise you on the best tools for the job.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

What are the different monitoring tools?

There are several different types of tool:

  • Tools for the general public (such as Google News, Flipboard, social network subscriptions, etc.)
  • Semi-professional" tools and in particular feed aggregators such as Feedly
  • Professional" tools that go beyond this, and attack the web with integrated engines. For example: SEMrush for the referencing natural and paid / Visibilishop for the E-Reputation / Hootsuite pro version for social networks 

information monitoring on the internet feedly

You will also need to take into account the fact that the basic information may be shared or re-shared with a number of other employees or departments within the company.

From CRMIn some cases, therefore, CSNs (Corporate Social Networks) will be needed to ensure that this aggregated information can benefit groups of people who are themselves potentially interested in the same subject.

How do you set up a competitive intelligence system?

Before you start using any information monitoring tools on the Internet (especially if you have to pay for them), get professional advice.

It is clear, for example, that if you want to monitor prices for Yield Management or Hotel Revenue Management purposes, you will need to use software and companies specialising in this field. 

Only mass-market or semi-professional software will not be sufficient, or will no longer be sufficient, to re-translate information made available on the web.

The Optimize 360 teams will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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