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How do I delete a Google review?

How do I delete a Google review?

Delete a Google review or delete reviews on Tripadvisorhas become a real challenge these days. 

In a previous article  how to appear on Google My Business and Google Maps to display your Knowledge Graph to the right of your URL.

How do I delete a Google review?

The downside of creating a listing/page is that you have the opportunity to obtain positive reviews from satisfied customers on Google, but on the other hand, you will sometimes have to deal with bad reviews, fake reviews or inappropriate or unjustified reviews. 

And therefore have to delete a negative review on Google.

Optimize 360 gives you a few tips to help you achieve this, so as to avoid any attempts by malicious Internet users or competitors to pollute your site. E-Reputation. The first step is to delete a review that does not comply with the rules laid down by Google.

  1. Recover ownership of your page or account Google My Business
  2. Find out which Google reviews do not comply with their internal rules
  3. Report affected Google reviews
  4. If that doesn't work, try calling Google 
  5. Another solution is to drown the notices in the mass
  6. Get help from E-Reputation management software 
  7. Extreme solution: delete the Google My Business page and recreate a new one

Reclaim ownership of your Google My Business page or account

This is the first step in any attempt to manage Google reviews or comments. Without this property, you won't be able to take any real action.

If you already have it in your account Google My Businessso much the better. You'll save a bit of time.

If you don't own it, you'll have to claim it and have it validated by Google.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • If the listing already exists and appears to the right of your URL, simply click on "you are the owner of this establishment" or "manage this listing". 
  • If you don't see it in Google, you'll need to go to your Google My Business account. Then go to "add a business" and type in the name of your business.

then you will have to confirm that this establishment belongs to you, either by calling the telephone number indicated or by having Google send an envelope to the physical address indicated, which will reach you within 5 days.

Then go back to your Google My Business account and enter the code

5-digit secret number, you will then be able to administer this card, be able to

fill it in, respond to comments and ... report or dispute them.

Find out which Google reviews do not comply with their internal rules

On the Google My Business page, on each review left by users, you will be able to take action on the right, with a "flag as inappropriate" button. 

In particular, when Google's rules are not respected

  • It is forbidden to send spam or false notices intended to improve or lower rankings.
  • It is forbidden to publish messages of a sexually explicit or insulting nature or to create links to such content.
  • It is forbidden to publish abusive, hateful, threatening or unwelcome messages or to create links to such content. Incitement to hatred.
  • It is forbidden to publish messages containing viruses, corrupted files, Trojan horses or any other function likely to damage the computers of others by contamination or destruction and to create links to such content.
  • It is forbidden to publish material that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of others.
  • It is forbidden to borrow someone else's identity, to make a false declaration or to present a false identity. affiliation by taking the place of an individual or an entity.
  • It is forbidden to contravene any law or regulation in force.
  • It is forbidden to use comments for advertising purposes.

Report affected Google reviews

Google therefore gives you the opportunity to report infringements:

  •  This post contains content that is inappropriate or incites hatred or violence.
  •  This post contains advertising or spam.
  •  This post is off topic.
  •  This post is associated with conflicts of interest

It should be noted that reporting a google my business review is not an absolute guarantee that the review will be removed. But it is the only official procedure known to date for hoping to do so.

If that doesn't work, try calling Google to have a review removed

Remember to keep screenshots of your process, so that you have proof of the steps you have taken.

You should also bring with you any evidence that might show that the comment or review you wish to dispute or have removed does not comply with the rules set out above.

You can then try to reach Google by telephone or by post, although you will need to be patient and energetic.

Optimize 360 has written a dedicated article on the subject to explain how to try and reach all the Google-dependent supports.

Another solution is to drown the notices in the mass

As the process of removing a Google review can be long and tedious, you can take steps in the short term to dilute the impact of the review in question in a mass of other requested reviews. 

When it comes to E-Reputation, unfortunately the only customers who speak out are those who are unhappy.

Responding to a negative review or comment will therefore be the lot of any establishment that wants to take care of its online reputation.

Take a look at the glass-half-full strategy too!

Make sure you connect with and collect real opinions from customers who have been satisfied with their stay or their visit to you.

You can dilute the impact of negative reviews by flooding them with positive comments. And lots of them.

Today, there are platforms, of which Optimize 360 is a partner, that can make this task easier for you. Or even automate it.

Get help from E-Reputation management software

Optimize 360 is working with two partner companies in this area, and even has contracts with them to get them to you at rock-bottom prices, since we bring them a substantial volume of business:

These platforms allow you to deal not only with Google E-Reputation, but also with Tripadvisor, Yelp and Yellow Pages, Booking, Expédia etc.

In short, all the media that are supposed to contain comments and customer reviews.

Real aggregators of opinions, you can have them in summary form, and can respond to them centrally from your management interface, without having to go to each of the individual media or directories by "login/password".

They are real summary tools, which will save you a huge amount of time at reasonable subscription (licence) costs, and help you to manage your online E-Reputation.

Because beyond the summary, you can have both a semantic and cluster analysis of the perceived quality of your products and services.

Extreme solution: delete the Google My Business page and recreate a new one

If, despite all these efforts, you still haven't managed to get your Google reviews removed, you can always delete your Google My Business page and then recreate a new one.

But this solution is really the extreme solution that applies more particularly when you are dealing with a change of owner, up grade or status (e.g. going from a hotel 3 stars to 4 stars), basic renovation work, etc.

If you only do this "tactically" without changing the quality of the work you've done, then unfortunately there's a good chance that comments and opinions of the same ilk will come back. 

E-Reputation management sometimes really requires the support of a specialist company such as Optimize 360.

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