What is Fediverse? The new social networking phenomenon

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What is Fediverse? A new social networking phenomenon?

These days, social networks play an important role in our daily lives.

They are constantly evolving and a new trend seems to be attracting more and more users: the Miscellaneous. But what is it? In this article, we'll explain the concept in 10 points.


1. What is Fédivers?

The Fediverse is a collection of social networks. decentralised and free which are interconnected. Unlike centralised platforms such as Facebook or TwitterFédivers does not rely on a single server controlling all the data and interactions.

How it works :

    • Each user registers on an independent server, called the instancehosted by an organisation or an individual.
    • The instances communicate with each other using open protocols, enabling users from different servers to interact and share content.
    • Fediverse offers a wide variety of platforms, each with its own features and style, covering all types of content: microblogging, photos, videos, events, etc.

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2. The Semantic Web: a key Fediverse technology

Le Semantic Web is an extension of the World Wide Web (WWW) that allows the information contained in web pages to be better structured, making it easier for machines and humans to interpret and use. This technology also makes it possible to create links between different platforms and resources, encouraging interaction and enriching exchanges.

3. Decentralised platforms for greater autonomy

Unlike centralised social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the Fedivers platforms are independent of each other and operate in a decentralised manner. This allows users to choose their platform according to their needs and interests, while still being able to interact with other Fédivers members.

4. A system of interoperability between platforms

One of the main advantages of Fédivers is its interoperability system, which enables users on different platforms to exchange and interact with each other. This connectivity is made possible by ActivityPub technology, a federated protocol that facilitates communication between different servers.

How does ActivityPub work?

ActivityPub is a protocol standardised by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for communication between different applications and platforms on the web. It enables the exchange of information and data in the form of "activities" (messages, images, videos, etc.) between users across a federated network.

5. Protection of privacy and freedom of expression

Thanks to its decentralised structure and use of the Semantic Web, the Fediverse offers greater protection for privacy and promotes freedom of expression. Users are therefore less exposed to the surveillance and abuse of power that web giants can exert over centralised platforms.

6. An active and caring community

Fédivers has a a diverse and committed user communityThis community is often particularly attentive to issues of privacy, user-friendly technology and knowledge sharing. This community is often particularly attentive to issues of privacy, user-friendly technology and knowledge sharing.

7. Platforms for different uses

In the Fédivers section, you'll find platforms tailored to different needs and interests:

  • Mastodon microblogging similar to Twitter
  • Pleroma also designed for microblogging, it is lighter than Mastodon and allows greater customisation
  • Pixelfed sharing and discovering images like Instagram
  • PeerTube : accommodation and decentralised video distribution, comparable to YouTube

8. Specific functions

Fédivers platforms also offer a number of specific functions, such as Content Warning (content warnings) to alert users to potentially sensitive content, and the ability to choose whether publications are public, unlisted or reserved for subscribers.

9. Self-management and shared governance

Fédivers' decentralised model encourages self-management and shared governance of platforms by their users. Decisions about how the platform operates, moderation rules and data management can therefore be taken collectively to guarantee an experience in line with the community's expectations and values.

10. A rich and varied ecosystem

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, Fédivers also includes other services and applications that enhance the possibilities available to users. These include project management tools (such as Gitea), office software (Nextcloud) and discussion forums (Lemmy).

In short, the Miscellaneous is positioning itself as an attractive alternative to traditional social networks, offering a decentralised environment that respects its users. Thanks to interoperability between platforms, it offers a wide range of opportunities for exchange and interaction, while preserving everyone's privacy and freedom of expression.

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