How much does an SEO service cost?

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How much does SEO cost? A guide to prices

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How much does a SEO services ?

Le natural referencingor SEO, is essential to guarantee your site's visibility on search engines.

However, the SEO services can vary considerably depending on various factors such as the agency, the size of the project and specific requirements.

In this article, our SEO Agency will help you understand the different elements involved in calculating the price of an SEO service.

SEO services

How much does an SEO service cost?

The cost of SEO services will vary according to the type of professional you can call on on the market, but you can expect services to range from €500 (excl. VAT) per month to almost €10,000 (excl. VAT) per month, depending on a number of criteria that we will discuss below. Depending on the size of your site and the level of competition, you won't have to make the same efforts if you want to be in the top positions in the search engines. SERP.

  • SEO agencies : They generally offer a full range of services, from auditing to performance monitoring.

  • The SEO consultants independent : These experts work alone and specialise in one or more aspects of SEO. Their rates may be more affordable than those of an agency, but they are less available because they manage their clients directly.

  • Online platforms : Some websites offer to put SEO freelancers in touch with clients looking for one-off services. Rates are generally lower, but quality can vary.

It is therefore essential to consider your needs, available resources and budget before choosing an option.

The different types of SEO services

Among the many services offered by SEO professionals, the main ones are :

  • SEO audit : This involves assessing the state of health of your site and identifying the elements that need to be optimised to improve its visibility on search engines. Some audits may be specific (technical, content, backlinks, etc.), while others may be more global.

  • SEO strategy : This stage involves planning the actions needed to achieve your SEO objectives. It generally includes keyword research, the definition of a editorial strategy and setting up a publication schedule.

  • On-site optimisation: it aims to improve the technical aspects and content of your site to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index it.

  • Netlinking : creating and improving links to your site will increase its visibility in the eyes of search engines such as Google and thus boost its position in search results.

  • Monitoring and reporting : An SEO service should also include regular performance monitoring (positioning, traffic, conversion rates, etc.) and updating of the strategy in line with the results obtained.

Hourly rates or flat rates?

Depending on the service provider, the rates for an SEO service may be quoted in the form of hourly rate or a fixed price :

    • Hourly rate : In this case, the price will be calculated on the basis of the time spent by the professional carrying out the service. This formula can be advantageous for one-off services or when the volume of work is difficult to estimate.

    • The package : This is a fixed price for a set of defined services. A "turnkey" service generally gives you better visibility of the total cost and avoids budget overruns.

Factors influencing the cost of an SEO service

The cost of an SEO service can vary considerably depending on a number of factors:

  1. The nature of the site : the sites e-commerce or those with a large number of pages generally require more work than showcase sites or blogs. The same applies to multilingual sites, which require optimisation for different languages and markets.
  2. Technical complexity : some sites are built using specific technologies that can make SEO more complex and therefore increase the cost of services.
  3. The competitive environment : the higher the competition for keywords, the greater the optimisation and netlinking efforts needed to achieve results.
  4. Objectives to be achieved : ambitious or very short-term objectives will require a more intense SEO strategy and therefore a larger budget.

That's why it's essential to clearly communicate your expectations and objectives to the SEO provider so that it can offer you a package that meets your needs.

Some examples of rates for SEO services

It is difficult to compare the prices of service providers because each project is unique, but here are a few examples of common rates:

  • SEO audit : The price of an audit can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the level of detail and the size of the site. A comprehensive audit will generally cost between €1,000 and €3,000.

  • On-site optimisation: Rates vary according to the scope of the work to be carried out (content writing/optimisation, technical improvements, etc.). You should expect to pay between €500 and €2000 for a complete optimisation of a showcase site or a blog.

  • Netlinking : netlinking campaigns can be invoiced on a per-services basis (for example, creation of a certain number of backlinks) or as a monthly subscription. Prices range from a few dozen to several thousand euros, depending on the number and quality of links obtained.

  • Monitoring and reporting : In general, regular monitoring and updating of the SEO strategy are included in the packages or subscriptions offered by service providers. The price will vary according to the frequency of the reports and the extent of the adjustments required.

In conclusion, the cost of an SEO service depends on many factors, such as the size of the site, the nature of the project, the objectives to be achieved and the type of service provider chosen.

It is essential to assess your needs and available resources in order to choose the best option for optimising your natural referencing and achieving your objectives.

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