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How to make a prompt Gemini for an SEO article?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to the success of your website. blog or website. Good SEO will enable you to reach more readers and improve the visibility of your articles online.

One of the key aspects of SEO is the creation of punchy and attractive Gemini prompts.

In this article, we'll show you how to make a prompt. Gemini optimised for SEO in 10 points.


1. Use relevant keywords

In a Gemini prompt, it is crucial to use keywords that correspond to the subjects you cover. To do this, carry out preliminary research on the keywords related to your niche and target those that have a high probability of success. search volume and low competition. Add these keywords to your title, subtitles and text in a natural and relevant way.

2. Create content clusters

To gain more authority and improve the ranking of your articles on search engines, consider creating clusters content around a main subject. This approach consists of grouping together several articles dealing with the same general subject and complementing each other. This will help to establish your expertise in the field and improve the quality of your website. internal networking of your pages.

3. Take care with your meta titles and descriptions

The meta titles and meta descriptions are essential elements in optimising your Gemini prompt. The meta title should be catchy, include the important keywords for your article and be no longer than 60 characters. The meta description should summarise the content of the article in 150-160 characters and encourage visitors to click on the link to read the rest. Also remember to include your main keywords in these tags.

4. Structure your text with headings and sub-headings

To improve the readability of your article and make it easier for search engines, it is important to structure your text using titles and subtitles. Use tags <h2> and <h3> to prioritise your ideas and categorise the different parts of your article.

5. Write long, in-depth content

Long, in-depth articles of around 1500 wordsThese tend to rank better on search engines. So take the time to develop your ideas and provide readers with as much useful information as possible. However, make sure that your text is clear, fluid and pleasant to read.

6. Aerate your text with short paragraphs

To prevent your article from being difficult to read, we recommend that you break up your text with short paragraphs. In general, a paragraph should not exceed 3-4 lines. And don't hesitate to use

      bulleted lists to present your ideas in a structured, easy-to-follow way.

      7. Use bold words to emphasise certain phrases

      Make a lasting impression by highlighting certain important sentences in your article with the <strong>. This will not only attract the reader's attention, but also improve the search engine ranking of these terms.

      8. Avoid formulas such as "it is important" or "it is possible".

      To maintain a dynamic and engaging tone, avoid overly passive turns of phrase such as "it's important" or "it's possible". Instead, use stronger, more assertive wording to capture your readers' interest.

      9. Adopt a blogger style to engage the reader

      A good Gemini prompt should be written in a style that bloggerIn other words, direct, conversational and engaging. Try to address the reader directly, using the second person singular, to create a personal connection and give the impression that you are speaking directly to them.

      10. Reread and correct your text

      Finally, don't forget to proofread your text carefully for any errors or typos. A well-written, error-free Gemini prompt is much more pleasant to read and conveys a professional image that inspires confidence.

      By applying these 10 simple tips, you'll greatly improve the quality of your Gemini prompts and increase your chances of appearing at the top of search engine results. Feel free to experiment with different styles and approaches to find what works best for you and your target audience.

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