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Le natural referencingalso known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is an essential element for the visibility of a website. website.

There are a number of techniques for improving your position on search engines, including the optimisation of hn tags.

In this article, our Search Engine Optimisation Agency explains how to take good care of your hn tags to improve your search engine ranking. SEO.

Taking care with your hn tags

Understanding hn tags and their role in SEO

hn tags are HTML which are used to structure the content of a web page. They range from <h1> à <h6>with <h1> is generally used for the main title of the page, while the others are used to highlight section, sub-section or paragraph titles.

One of the main objectives of the natural referencing is to make it easier for people to understand the content indexing robots such as Googlebot.

By using hn tags appropriately, we help these robots to better understand how the content is organised, which can have a positive impact on our site's ranking.

Best practices for optimising your hn tags

There are a number of best practices to follow if you want to take good care of your hn tags:

  1. Use a single <h1> per page
  2. Respecting the hn tag hierarchy
  3. Include important keywords in titles
  4. Make headlines informative and relevant
  5. Optimising the length of titles

Use only one <h1> per page

Le <h1> is the most important element in terms of content structuring. It must reflect the main subject of the page. It is therefore essential to have just one <h1> per page, to avoid confusion for the indexing robots.

Respecting the hn tag hierarchy

It is important to follow a logical structure with hn tags. This means that if you have a title in <h2>you should not move directly to another title in <h4>. Respecting the hierarchy makes it easier for indexing robots to understand the organisation of your site's content.

Include important keywords in titles

Titles should reflect the content of the section they represent. This is why including relevant keywords in these titles can help crawlers understand what the page is about. It can also encourage users to click on your link in the search engine results, increasing the click-through rate and helping to improve your ranking.

Make headlines informative and relevant

A good headline should be both informative and relevant to capture the reader's interest. Don't hesitate to use catchy wording or to ask questions to arouse curiosity. However, avoid titles that are too long or misleading, as this could detract from the message.user experience and have a negative impact on your natural referencing.

Optimising the length of titles

Google generally displays between 50 and 60 characters for a title in search results. So it's a good idea to make sure that your headlines aren't too long, so that they can be read in their entirety and encourage visitors to click on them. However, if you need to exceed this limit, make sure you put the most important information at the beginning of the title.

Common mistakes to avoid with hn tags

Finally, it is essential to avoid certain common errors associated with the use of hn tags:

  • Do not use hn tags : Omitting these tags altogether will make it more difficult for indexing robots to understand the structure of your content.
  • Use hn tags to format text : The hn tags are intended to structure the content, not to format the text. Use style sheets instead CSS to adjust the appearance of the text.
  • Use too many hn tags : Excessive use of these tags can make the page less readable for users and spiders, which can have a negative impact on SEO.

In short, taking care with your hn tags is a key element of a good natural referencing. By following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, you'll maximise your chances of improving your site's visibility on search engines and attracting more qualified traffic.

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