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What do I need to do about netlinking when I redesign my website?

The redesign of a website is a crucial event for a company, designed to improve the performance of its business.user experiencenavigation and design.

In this context, netlinking in the event of a redesign is an essential element to take into account.

It can have a major impact on the positioning of the site and its visibility in search engines, such as Google.

Here are some explanations from our SEO Agency.

Netlinking in the event of a redesign

Understanding netlinking and the issues involved

Netlinking, also known as link buildingThis involves obtaining backlinks from other websites to your own site.

These links increase the popularity of the site, as Google considers each backlink as a vote in favour of the site.

The more quality inbound links a site has, the better its ranking in search results will be. It is therefore vital to consider this issue when redesigning a website.

The key stages in the redesign process

1. Analyse and consolidate existing links

Even before redesigning your site, it is important to identify and understand its link profile. To do this, you can use various tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs or SEMrush.

The aim is to check that the links are of high quality, that they come from trusted sites and that they are consistent with the content of the site (but also the pages and the URL of the site )

Following this analysis, you can make strategic decisions about which links to keep or remove.
In some cases, it may be wise to set up a 301 redirect to another relevant page on the site so as not to lose the authority that these links confer.

2. Rethinking the structure and architecture of the site

Redesigning a site is the perfect opportunity to completely rethink its structure in order to improve the user experience, while keeping in mind the importance of inbound links. So take care to simplify the site's architecture and to distribute the internal links properly, which will also improve the internal networking and the Global SEO.

3. Write content that is optimised and suitable for netlinking

It's a proven fact: quality content naturally attracts backlinks. So when redesigning your website, make sure you create content that is genuinely useful and relevant to your users, while incorporating the keywords that are essential to your business. This will make it much easier to set up your netlinking campaign.

Implementing an effective netlinking strategy after the redesign

Once the redesign is complete, the crucial stage of the netlinking campaign comes into play. There are several ways of doing this:

  1. The creation of viral content : that arouses strong interest and naturally generates backlinks (infographics, videos, feature articles...).
  2. Guest posting This consists of writing articles for other sites related to your theme and inserting links to your own site.
  3. Partnerships with influencers to obtain mentions and backlinks on their site or blog.
  4. Manual netlinking which may involve soliciting webmasters to obtain backlinks or taking part in forums and comments by blogs by including a link to its website.

All these methods must, of course, be deployed with discernment and respect for good SEO practice. The quality of links must always take precedence over quantity, or risk being penalised by Google.

Monitoring and measuring the results of your netlinking campaign in the event of a redesign

Finally, it is essential to set up regular monitoring of the performance of your netlinking campaign after the redesign of your site. This will enable you to identify the actions that are working, those that need to be optimised and those that are ineffective. Several indicators can be monitored, such as :

  • The number of backlinks obtained
  • Quality of sources (referring domains, authority of sites, etc.)
  • Traffic generated by inbound links
  • Positions in search results for your target keywords

This regular monitoring will be the key to the success of your netlinking campaign.It will enable you to constantly adjust and improve your strategy.

In short, netlinking is a major challenge when redesigning a website.

This dimension therefore needs to be taken into account right from the design phase of the new site, in terms of link analysis, structure and content. Then it's a matter of deploying a netlinking strategy adapted to your objectives and, above all, to regularly measure and monitor performance in order to constantly optimise your actions.

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