AI and SEO. Will there be a search engine revolution?

AI and SEO 2023

AI and SEO from 2023: the great marriage of the two?

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IA and SEO in 2023, or more precisely AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Search Engines, are likely to be a good match.

Chat GPT3 having already hit the headlines by announcing his possible retirement.approach with the Microsoft Bing search engine

The response from Google On 6 February 2023, He announced the imminent arrival of " Bard" its own artificial intelligence system built right into its engine, and SERP.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of the American giant Google, says in his blog

"Bard's ambition is to combine the breadth of the world's knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our great language models.

It draws on information from the Web to provide up-to-date, high-quality answers. Bard can be an outlet for creativity and a launch pad for curiosity.

He can help you explain NASA's latest findings from the James Webb telescope to a 9-year-old, or tell you about the best strikers in world football today, and then suggest specific training to help you improve".

Immediate response from Baïdu ... which is immediately launched with ERNIE, its own artificial intelligence integrated into its Chinese engine

What are the possible impacts of search engine AI?

Of course, it is the way in which users use these devices that is going to be turned upside down.

The challenge will be to keep the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) clear and concise, and in some cases still clickable when it is simply a matter of finding your way around for geolocation purposes, or searching for shops or restaurants, etc.

While further improving theuser experience ( UX ), some of which used to show the beginnings of responses directly on the SERPs with the Rich Featured Snippets 

So we need to find the right balance to ensure that SERPs do not become veritable "Christmas trees", especially on mobile devices (smartphones).

The improved SERP: the 1st success factor for AI integrated into SEO?

Over and above the quality of the response, which will be the primary concern of Chat GPT, BingGoogle, and Baïdu, the presentation of their results, which are both synthesised and sufficiently detailed to respond "in the manner of Chat GPT", will be crucial. 

We can therefore imagine that, like the plugin Chrome / Chat GPT below, of a simple parallel improvement in the level of detailed response, or on the contrary, that the lines of results come a little like improved "Sitelinks 

AI and SEO 2023

It's easy to see that visual space in the SERPs cannot be stretched to the limit, and that search engines will continue to want to combine "answer intelligence" and "search engine optimisation". sponsored links ( Google Ads / SEA ) so as not to eat into their advertising revenue.

The quality of the AI / SERP / SEO response under the microscope 

As a result, web users are likely to become increasingly demanding in terms of the quality of the response, or detailed responses, they receive to their searches.

Understanding your intentions will be key to responding in the best possible way.

Between searches linked to intent, transactions (online purchases), and the need to obtain a detailed response... what will the different search engines favour?

Will there be several SERPs depending on the search intent?

a bit like perpetual AB testing, or will the results be paired, even if it means combining them, at the risk of seeing accordions in FAQ mode flourish, as Google is already doing in its "Other questions asked by Internet users" additional results? 

SEO accordion

AI and SEO: what impact for SEA? 

This is one of the key questions, over and above the relevance of the answers.

Because when you say "Sponsored Ad", you are talking about a purchased ad, which is not at all linked to intelligence (except for the advertiser's own wallet), but to the financial bids made by advertisers.

So even if, fortunately, we can hope for a logic of algorithms capable of combining SEA with AI, we can clearly say that there is an antinomy or a paradoxical injection between "give me an intelligent result" and "give me an advertising result"...

What path will search engines take in this area? 

Results in the SERPs in a few months or a few weeks' time, because the American giant's entire Google Ads system could come under fire.

AI and SEO combined, or even AI and SEA will be the challenge of the year

Intelligent content creation vs. AI: undoubtedly the way forward 

Content creation and intelligent (or at least well thought-out) storytelling should be one of the measures we can take to feed artificial intelligence.

We can therefore assume that a content strategy and a long tail A well-founded, substantiated story, backed up by reliable, credible figures, should help to make websites more credible, and increase their ability to appear in AI-enhanced search results.

In any case, the entire Optimize 360 team is ready to help its clients as much as possible to continue to appear as high as possible in the SERPs and among the top positions.

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