Why carry out a technical SEO audit for your website?

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Why carry out a technical SEO audit?

Le SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential stage in the creation or optimisation of a website.

When done properly, it can improve a site's positioning and visibility on search engines.

A technical SEO audit is therefore necessary to gain a better understanding of any problems that could be undermining your SEO performance.

carry out a technical audit

Technical SEO audit: The major issues

L'technical SEO audit consists of an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of a website in order to identify the obstacles to effective seo and the opportunities for improvement. This involves :

  • Checking the site's structure and architecture;
  • Semantic mark-up of content;
  • Analysis of page performance;
  • Internal and external linking practices;
  • The quality and relevance of meta tags;
  • Optimising images and media;
  • And many more checkpoints!

The main aim of this meticulous examination is to detect the flaws that are penalising the effectiveness of a site's natural referencing. Once these elements have been identified, it becomes easier to put in place an action plan designed to correct these errors.

Carrying out a technical audit: For whom and why?

A technical SEO audit can be carried out for different types of web projects:

  • Showcase sites or e-commerce;
  • The blogs and content platforms;
  • Institutional sites or information portals;

Whatever the type of site, the approach is generally similar. However, it is important to specify that a seo technical audit must be tailored to the specific characteristics of the project being analysed. This provides a clearer, more detailed overview of the problems to be solved.

Why carry out a technical SEO audit?

    1. Identifying technical problems A technical SEO audit will enable you to quickly pinpoint any malfunctions that could have a negative impact on your SEO. For example broken linksthe orphan pages404 errors, etc.

    2. Optimisinguser experience (UX) By improving the structure of your site and eliminating technical problems, you can offer your visitors a better browsing experience, which can also have a positive impact on your traffic.

    3. Improving the site's competitiveness By positioning your site more effectively in the search results, you can raise your profile and attract more qualified visitors. This means you can stand out from your competitors and boost your sales.

The technical SEO audit: a few essential checkpoints

To carry out a technical SEO audit, it is important to review a number of key points, which must be analysed in detail:

  • Accessibility and indexability Check that search engines can access the content of your site easily (robots.txt, sitemap.xml, redirections, etc.).

  • Beaconing HTML Making sure that your site's source code complies with web standards (title tags, meta description, canonicaletc.) and uses appropriate semantic elements (Hn titles, strong and em tags, alt attribute for images, etc.).

  • Loading time and performance Evaluate the speed of your site and identify the factors likely to slow down its display (heavy images, blocking scripts, gzip compression, caching, etc.).

  • Mobile-friendliness Test the adaptability of your site on mobile and tablet devices and check whether improvements are needed to provide an optimal experience for users of these media.

  • Content duplication : Locate pages with duplicate content or similar, which could penalise your site and reduce the relevance of your pages in the eyes of the search engines.

  • URL structure Check that your page addresses are optimised for search engine optimisation (short, readable URLs), key words use of hyphens as separators, etc.).

Technical seo audit: Should you call in a professional?

Although there are now automated tools that allow you to carry out a technical SEO audit yourself, it is often preferable to entrust this task to a specialist in natural referencing.

The latter will be able to identify faults more quickly and implement the best practices adapted to your situation.

In addition, a seo expert will also be able to support your project over the long term, by regularly monitoring the performance of your website and proposing corrective action as standards and search engine algorithms evolve.

In conclusion, a technical SEO audit is an essential step for anyone wishing to improve the visibility and reputation of their website.

By regularly updating your site and working with an SEO specialist, you will maximise your chances of success in the search results. Google !

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