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You've decided to call on SEO copywriter to optimise your web content?

Congratulations! You're well on your way to improving your search engine visibility.

However, it is essential to prepare a brief clear and precise so that the copywriter can create content tailored to your needs and objectives.

Here is our SEO Agency's advice on how to create a successful SEO copywriter brief.

brief for copywriters

1. Clearly describe the purpose of the content

To help copywriters understand what you want them to do, start by explaining what you want them to do.main objective the content you want to have written. This may include :

  • Attract more visitors to your site with informative and attractive content
  • Sell a specific product or service by highlighting its strengths
  • Educate your readers about a new feature or trend in your sector of activity

By being precise about the objective, you enable the copywriter to better focus their work and choose the right SEO strategies to achieve these goals.

The objective is key in an SEO copywriter's brief

2. Specify the target audience

SEO copywriting is not just about optimising a text for search engines, it's also about making it relevant and interesting to your audience. target audience. So it's crucial to inform the copywriter about the type of readers you want to reach with this content. This includes:

  • Age, gender, geographical location
  • Interests, values, problems encountered
  • Consumer habits and preferred communication channels

In this way, the copywriter can adapt his style, vocabulary and arguments to suit the expectations and preferences of your potential readers.

3. Details of the structure and content format of the SEO copywriter brief

Even though SEO copywriters are generally experienced in creating content for the web, it is still useful to provide them with guidance on the structure and format you want to give to your content. For example:

  1. The desired number of words or characters
  2. The type of content (article blogproduct sheet, "about" page...)
  3. The presence of bulleted lists, tables, computer graphics, etc.
  4. Choosing headings and sub-headings (H2 and H3 tags) that are relevant for referencing

Don't hesitate to provide examples or models so that the copywriter can be inspired by your preferences in terms of page layout and content organisation.

4. Provide a list of relevant SEO keywords

SEO copywriting is largely based on the strategic use of keywords to improve the position of your content in search results. It is therefore a good idea to provide your copywriter with a list of keywords that you would like to see included in your content. Think about :

  • Include main and secondary keywords related to your sector, product or service
  • Also suggest long tail expressions to increase the chances of ranking on specific queries
  • Suggest variations and synonyms to avoid excessive repetition of the same word. keyword and obtain natural, flowing text
  • Include local keywords if you are targeting a specific geographical area or want to attract a local audience

Don't forget to specify the recommended keyword integration ratio to comply with search engine requirements and avoid penalties for over-optimisation.

5. Emphasise the quality and originality of your brief for SEO copywriters

Quality of content

Good positioning of a website or web page is not limited to SEO optimisation. The quality of your content is also a key factor in attracting readers, building loyalty and encouraging them to share your publications on social networks. So it's important to ask your copywriter to take care with their writing, syntax and grammar, while adopting a tone that matches your expectations (formal, informal, humorous, etc.).


Search engines place a high value on theoriginality of content. Copy-pasted or slightly modified texts are often penalised. So ask the writer to produce a unique contentavoiding plagiarism and paraphrasing. In this way, you strengthen your credibility with readers and search engines.

By following these tips, you can create a complete and effective brief for your SEO copywriter. Bear in mind that this document should serve as a basis for work and discussion with the copywriter.

Don't hesitate to communicate regularly with them to better understand your expectations, resolve any ambiguities and ensure the success of your SEO content strategy.

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