Personalisation, Bard, the Google SERP revolution

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Personalisation, Bard, the Google SERP on the brink of revolution

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As the excellent site Abondance reveals on the subject of personalised search resultsa real revolution is in the making in the way that the SERP Google will adopt .

On the one hand, results are going to be increasingly personalised (and customisable), but they will soon be enhanced by AI-powered results, with the arrival of Bard within the search results.

Back in 2024, Google introduced the notion of E-E-A-T without, however, giving us the real impact that this could have in terms of SEO, but we've arrived at a crossroads of 3 twin notions.

Our SEO Agency Optimize 360 explains:

The "Follow" button will soon be appearing on the SERP.

At the heart of these new features are functions designed to personalise the user experience.

These include the 'Follow' button, which allows users to receive recommendations based on their personal interests.



In addition, sites frequently visited by users will now be highlighted in search results, while updates to the algorithm will favour content reflecting personal experiences.

Personalisation on Google is taking on a new dimension with the launch of the 'Follow' button. Thanks to this feature, users can now tailor their search experience to their specific interests.

By following topics such as their favourite sports team or a particular style of cooking, they will receive relevant information directly in their search results and on Google Discover. For example, someone training for a marathon can follow the topic "marathon training" and access suggested articles on exercise and tips in their Google Discover feed.

Thanks to the "Notes" function, users will be able to share their knowledge directly in the search results.

To make the experience even more interactive, users can activate notifications to receive alerts linked to the subjects they are following, such as advice on preparing for a nearby race. What's more, managing the interests they follow is simple and intuitive.

Google asserts that its main objective is to provide useful, relevant and reliable information when users follow a subject, based on criteria such as expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness. Once again, the importance of EEAT (Expertise, Authority, Reliability and Trust) is underlined in this approach.

SERPs are set to undergo a significant change between now and the end of 2023, with the aim of making it much easier for users to find and access their favourite websites.

In practical terms, Google plans to position sites that users visit regularly at the top of the search results page.

Imagine you're in the process of redesigning your garden, and you repeatedly consult online DIY guides, returning to the same page each time.

In this scenario, Google's system will recognise this trend and position this site at the top of the search results.

The result will be a truly personalised search experience!

If Google continues to move in this direction, every user will benefit from truly unique search results, which could lead to a profound transformation in SERPs and SEO.

Bard in prospect to add another layer

Google's introduction of Bard could have a profound impact on the way Google's SERP (Search Results Page) presents itself.

By providing a more nuanced understanding of search queries, Bard could generate even more personalised and relevant results for users.

This means that search results could be more tailored to the specific needs of each individual, improving the search experience.

However, this could also pose challenges for SEO specialists, as they will have to adapt to an ever-changing SERP and find new strategies to maintain their visibility in an increasingly dynamic and competitive search environment.

Ultimately, Bard has the potential to transform the way we interact with Google and the way businesses and websites optimise their online presence.

So we can expect a big bang in the face of the Google SERP

In conclusion, it is undeniable that significant changes are to be expected in the world of Google SERPs with the advent of Bard and other future technological developments.

We are at the dawn of an era where the personalisation of search will reach new heights, offering results that are even more relevant and tailored to each user.

This opens up exciting opportunities for SEO specialists, while at the same time presenting them with the constant challenge of adapting to an ever-changing landscape.

The Big Bang in the face of the Google SERP is imminent, and it's essential to be ready to explore these new perspectives and navigate the ever-changing world of the digital marketing.

Stay tuned to see how these transformations will shape our online search experience in the future.


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