How do you list a site on Baïdu in China?

Optimize360 How can a site be referenced on Baïdu in China?

Referencing a site on Baïdu is no mean feat!

This well-known Chinese search engine does not follow the same rules as Googlewhich is hegemonic in the world (except in China...)

Optimize 360, Search Engine Optimisation Agency natural and paid search engines, here's some advice on how to try and appear in this very special search engine.

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Baïdu vs. Google: What are the differences?

First and foremost, the big difference is that Google is the world leader in all but two countries.

  • China with Baïdu
  • Russia with Yandex 

Google represents 93% market share in global searches (Source Statcounter) but only 2.6% in China and 45% in Russia.

Baïdu is the undisputed leader in China, accounting for nearly 70% of internet searches in the country.

You should also be aware that the Chinese government controls most of the publications produced on the Internet, and that a 'classic' site as we know it everywhere else in the world will have very little chance of appearing in Baïdu.

Baidu market share in China

PDM Baïdu = purple bar (source statcounter)

Choose a dedicated website hosted in China

Even if you have your website in simplified Chinese, you will have very little chance of it being visited by Chinese Internet users, for the reasons given above.

So if you want to be found among the Chinese sites in the search results, ideally you should already be:

  • Your domain name dedicated to .cn or
  • Your accommodation website to be hosted by a Chinese host
  • Your site must of course be coded and written in simplified Chinese with Chinese characters.

From this point on, it is important to understand that if you do not call on the services of a referencing If you don't have the local capacity to create your own site and have it hosted, you will hardly exist.

Baidu vs Google Chinese flag

Let's say you've had a Chinese site made and hosted in China

Setting up a site in China means that you will need to be able to feed it and update it with certain rules that are both technical and "proper":

Search engine optimisation on Baidu is based on the specific characteristics of the local search engine:

10 key factors for trying to rank well on Baidu  

  1. Use the Chinese language, particularly simplified Mandarin, for your content.
  2. Avoid Pin Yin as your target is the Chinese and they don't read Pin Yin
  3. Do not use English at all in your site or any other translation.
  4. Don't talk about censored subjects that would attack Chinese politics, among others.
  5. Do not make any links with blogs censored exteriors either
  6. Encourage backlinks rather than as much as possible.
  7. Avoid plagiarism (Duplicate Content) on your site (as on Google
  8. Dedicate your website to the Chinese, using their local communication codes
  9. That's why you need to be fully informed about Chinese culture and the behaviour of local consumers, so that you can improve the quality of your content accordingly.
  10. Call on a local SEO agency for information on the technical prerogatives of page indexing by the search engine

It is also said that being part of local social networks ( WeChat ; Weibo ) help algorithms search engine, unlike in the rest of the world where most social networks are Google's competitors.

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