Why has Ahrefs dethroned SEMrush?

Ahrefs vs. SEMrush

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Why Ahrefs has become much better than SEMrush ?

In the world of SEO and online marketing, there are a number of tools that are essential for specialists.

These tools include, Ahrefs and SEMrush are frequently cited as the best available on the market.

However, more and more experts agree that Ahrefs has become much better than SEMrush.

So here's a 10-point analysis of why this preference has grown over time.

Ahrefs has become much better than SEMrush

1. A larger database

It's no secret that that the quality of a referencing tool depends largely on the size and richness of its database.

In this area, Ahrefs clearly outperforms its competitor with over 16 billion known pages8 billion for SEMrush.

Let's take the example of our "small perimeter": the number of key words identified by SEMrush and Ahrefs in France in January 2024:

Number of Ahrefs keywordsAhrefs lists us 7,700 keywords indexed in the top 100 results of the SERP Google in France

Number of SEMrush keywords

At the same time, SEMrush only counts 6 420 ... a difference of almost 17%

2. More accurate backlink tracking

The backlinks are among the main factors taken into account by search engine algorithms when ranking websites. Ahrefs offers much more accurate tracking of backlinks than SEMrush, thanks in particular to its daily data updates and the integration of new inbound links in real time.

2.1 Daily update of backlink data

While SEMrush offers occasional updates of its backlink information, Ahrefs sets itself apart by updating this data every day. This daily update allows Ahrefs users to stay constantly informed about the status of their inbound link profile and act quickly if necessary.

2.2 Integrating new incoming links in real time

The other notable advantage of Ahrefs in tracking backlinks is that it integrates new incoming links in real time. Unlike SEMrush, which can take several weeks to identify a new backlinkAhrefs allows you to track changes in your link profile on a daily basis.

3. A more detailed content analysis

Ahrefs also offers a more in-depth content analysis than SEMrush.

Its "Content Explorer" tool allows you to search for articles or web pages according to specific criteria such as publication date, number of organic keywords, social shares or estimated traffic. This tool is ideal for for marketers looking for ideas for promotional items. blogWe're always looking for new opportunities, partnerships or competitive niches to exploit.

4. A much more accurate Technical SEO analysis in favour of Ahrefs

SEMrush's Technical SEO Analysis can often be improved...

Errors that were supposedly found but were not (particularly with regard to Hreflang ), which can lead to SEO analysts wasting time on the supposed correction of the website.

Ahrefs, for its part, is much more precise, even if from time to time it can happen that technical errors are not technical errors. But much less often.

In both cases, we recommend crossing with a 3rd tool ( Screaming Frog ), which rarely misses the real technical SEO issues

5. Additional features exclusive to Ahrefs

In addition to these general improvements, Ahrefs also boasts a number of exclusive features not available with SEMrush.

  • Ahrefs Rank : overall ranking of websites according to their backlink profile.
  • URL Rating (UR) : measure the quality of backlinks to a specific URL.
  • Domain Rating (DR) : score awarded to the domain level based on the quality of incoming links.

6. Better ergonomics and a more pleasant user interface for SEMrush

Today, this is perhaps the only criterion in favour of SEMrush: a user interface undoubtedly prettier and friendlier.

But what's the point if the data it produces is less reliable than that from Ahrefs?

7. Responsive, efficient customer support

When users have questions or problems, it is essential to be able to count on available and competent customer support. In this respect, Ahrefs is a leader in its field. remarkable responsiveness and efficiencyWe're always on hand to answer users' questions quickly and find solutions to their problems.

8. Better pricing for Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers tailored offers according to the needs and budget of its clients, unlike SEMrush which imposes a high cost from the outset.

It is also worth noting that the quality of the services offered by Ahrefs is far superior to that of SEMrush, despite similar pricing in some cases.

9. A wide range of complementary tools available

To make online marketing even easier, Ahrefs provides users with a range of additional tools such as Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker and Site Explorer.

These tools make it possible to advanced optimisation of natural and paid search engine optimisation as well as an in-depth analysis of the performance of a website.

10. Constant improvements thanks to active listening to users

Finally, Ahrefs has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes in the market and to feedback from its users.

The developers are constantly improving existing features and creating new tools to meet the specific needs of online marketing professionals. In fact, they produce a monthly video to report on the ongoing improvements.

In a nutshell, Ahrefs has established itself as the benchmark tool for SEO and online marketing specialists thanks to its richer database, more accurate backlink tracking, exclusive features and foreign language support.

All these advantages make it an essential tool for companies wishing to develop their online visibility and sales.

Resources for SEMrush:

  • SEMrush website: https://www.semrush.com/fr/ Overview: Provides an overview of the platform, its features, use cases and pricing. Also offers guides, articles and webinars to help you get started.

Resources for Ahrefs:

  • Ahrefs website: https://ahrefs.com/fr Ahrefs: Provides information on Ahrefs features, prices and resources. Also offers a blog and an academy for learning how to use the tool effectively.

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