What is the weight of SEO in overall digital investment?

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The role of SEO in overall digital investment

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Today, an online presence has become essential for businesses. Digital has conquered the business world, and it is now vital to invest in it.

Among the various aspects of digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) occupies a prominent place.

What is the weight of SEO in overall digital investment?

To answer this question, let's first look at what SEO is and how it fits into your overall strategy.

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Understanding natural referencing

Le natural referencing is the set of techniques designed to improve the position of a website on search engines such as Google.

The aim is to appear on the first page of results when a web user searches for a word or expression related to your company's activity. There are several key factors that influence the ranking of sites on search engines such as Google, including the quality of content, site architecture, incoming links and social signals.

Prejudice despite evidence of success

Just a few years ago, SEO was often seen as an obscure or even suspect practice. But since search engine algorithms have evolved, it is now recognised and recommended by digital marketing experts. However, some people remain sceptical about its real effectiveness, believing that it is too costly and time-consuming an investment.

Adopting a long-term vision

To fully understand the role of SEO in overall digital investment, we need to adopt a holistic approach. long-term vision. The success of an SEO campaign is not instantaneous. It's true that implementing an SEO strategy can take time and resources, but the results are often long-lasting and profitable.

An investment rather than a cost

SEO should be seen as an investment rather than just a cost. Companies that choose to invest in SEO generally benefit from better visibility on search engines, which translates into more traffic to their website. This qualified traffic has a good chance of turning into loyal, regular customers. What's more, the ROI (return on investment) of SEO is often higher than that of other marketing levers such as paid advertising.

Facing up to the competition

In a world where consumers are increasingly connected, the competition online competition has become intense. To cope with this increased competition and remain visible in the eyes of your audienceIn the digital world, it is essential to constantly improve your search engine positioning. Ignoring SEO means missing out on a major part of the opportunities offered by digital, and leaving the way open to your competitors.

  1. Large companies They generally have substantial budgets and dedicated digital marketing teams. If they invest in SEO, it's difficult for smaller organisations to compete without also using this technique.

  2. SMEs and start-ups SEO: These companies don't necessarily have the same resources as large corporations. SEO can be an excellent way of raising their profile and rapidly increasing their online visibility without having to spend a large advertising budget.

Investing in innovation

The digital world is constantly evolving, and search engine algorithms are regularly updated. To maintain good visibility on search engines, it is essential to adapt accordingly and to remain innovative in its natural referencing strategy.

  • UX (user experience) In addition to the technical aspects, search engines are placing increasing emphasis on the user experience during navigation. Working on the ergonomics, speed and fluidity of your website therefore also helps to improve your natural referencing.

  • Quality content Producing relevant, high-quality content is essential if you are to win over both human visitors and ranking algorithms. It is therefore crucial to invest in the creation of unique contentinformative and editorially impeccable to ensure a high ranking in search engine results.

  • The mobile By 2021, the use of mobile phones will have overtaken the use of desktop computers to access the internet. This means that companies need to have a site that is easy to navigate and easy to use. responsive web and adapted for browsing on smartphones and tablets to meet current search engine requirements.

All in all, it is clear that SEO plays a major role in overall digital investment. To ignore it would be to miss out on the enormous potential that search engines offer in terms of qualified traffic, leads and potential customers.

Investing sustainably and intelligently in natural search engine optimisation will help you build a solid, profitable online presence to ensure the long-term future of your business in the digital age.

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