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In the world of natural search engine optimisation, content creation is essential for improving the visibility and credibility of a site. websiteand Web authoring tools in equal measure.

Choosing the right copywriting tools can make this task much easier, while ensuring that the content produced is of the highest possible quality.

In this article, our SEO Agency presents the main SEO web copywriting tools that will help you create relevant content that ranks well on search engines, such as Google.

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Keyword analysis :

To produce content that is suitable for SEO, you first need to select the right keywords. Here are a few tools that can help you in this process:

  • Google Keyword Planner : A free tool offered by Google Adsto identify the keywords that are relevant to your niche and to find out their search volume monthly.
  • Ubersuggest : A tool developed by Neil Patel offering an exhaustive list of keyword suggestions based on queries made by Internet users. It also indicates the level of competition for each keyword.
  • AnswerThePublic: This tool offers ideas for questions based on a keyword. It can thus provide you with interesting article topics to exploit to meet web users' expectations.

Copywriting and SEO optimization :

Once the keywords have been selected, it's time to start writing the content. To make sure your content meets search engine criteria, here are a few tools to help you write and optimise it for SEO:

  • Grammarly : In addition to its spelling and grammar correction functions, Grammarly has a text readability analysis system, which is very useful for ensuring that your content is accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Hemingway App : This online text editor analyses the syntactic complexity of your sentences and offers suggestions for simplifying them and making them flow more smoothly. Well-structured, easy-to-read content is essential for a good user experience.
  • Yoast SEO : This extension WordPress is an essential tool for optimising the content of a website to meet SEO requirements. It allows you to control and improve various aspects such as the use of keywords, text length, meta tags, internal and external links, etc.

Additional tools :

A number of other tools can help you create and optimise content for the web:

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer : A good headline can make all the difference in getting people to click on your link and read your article. CoSchedule analyses the structure, length and relevance of the words used in your title to give you a score and suggestions for improvement.
  • Readable : This tool assesses the readability of your texts on the basis of a number of criteria: sentence length, level of vocabulary complexity, frequency of linking words, etc. It gives you an overall score and helps you to identify passages that could be improved.

Automated writing and AI assistants:

More and more automatic text generation tools are appearing on the market. They are based on artificial intelligence and the machine learning to produce content in record time. Here are a few examples of wizards IA that can make your work easier:

  • Jarvis (formerly : This artificial intelligence-based assistant lets you write content quickly. It can generate paragraphs or entire articles based on instructions you give it, such as the theme or keywords to include.
  • Kuki (WAUTAB) : Using Kuki, you can automate the creation of SEO-optimised content. The tool is capable of generating well-structured texts with Hn beaconsIt also takes into account your keywords and their semantic variants for good natural referencing.

Multilingual copywriting :

To reach an international audience, it can be useful to translate your content into several languages. Here are some tools to help you produce multilingual content:

  • DeepL: This automatic translation tool is based on artificial intelligence and offers very good results in terms of linguistic quality. It saves a lot of time when it comes to creating foreign versions of your articles.
  • Hreflang Tags Generator : To let search engines know that your site has several language versions, you need to use Hreflang tags. This tool easily generates these tags to avoid any errors in syntax or application of SEO standards.

Project management and performance monitoring :

Producing SEO-optimised content is a job that requires rigour and organisation. You can use project management and performance monitoring tools to ensure that your copywriting strategy runs smoothly:

  • Trello : This online project management platform allows you to track the progress of the various tasks involved in content creation, from keyword research to publication of the article.
  • Google Analytics : Once your content has been published, it is essential to analyse its impact on your site. Google Analytics gives you precise statistics on the number of visitors, their behaviour, the time spent on pages, etc. This data will enable you to adjust your strategies and continually improve your content.

To sum up, there are now a multitude of tools available to web copywriters to facilitate their work and optimise their content production.

Don't hesitate to try out several solutions and select the ones that best meet your needs.

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