How to carry out an SEO audit for your website?

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Referencing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is an essential strategy for gaining visibility on search engines and attracting more traffic to your website.

Competition is fierce, and it's crucial to stand out from the crowd to increase your chances of appearing in the first search results, such as Google.

That's why an SEO audit is an essential step in the process of improving your website.

SEO audit for your website

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit consists of carrying out a full, in-depth diagnosis of your website, with the aim of identifying its strengths and weaknesses in terms of natural referencing. In particular, it will help identify the technical and semantic improvements that can be made to make your site easier to find for your target audience. This audit covers several key areas:

  • Technical details : site performance and speed, ergonomicssecurity, mobile-friendly, etc.
  • Contents: quality and relevance of texts, structure, internal networkingetc.
  • External links : popularity, profile of incoming and outgoing links, etc.

The tangible benefits of an SEO audit

Carrying out an SEO audit highlights the factors that may be causing your website to suffer from SEO problems and suggests solutions for improving its online visibility. There are many benefits to an SEO audit:

A better understanding of search engines

To optimise your site effectively, you need to know how search engines work and the criteria they use in their algorithms. An SEO audit will give you a better understanding of the key factors taken into account by Google and other engines, and enable you to adapt your website accordingly for better indexing.

Detecting technical problems

A website with technical errors can harm your SEO. The SEO audit will detect these problems, such as 404 errors, loading time problems and broken links. Once these malfunctions have been corrected, your site will be more pleasant to use for Internet users and your visitors. indexing robots.

Improving content

The content of your site must be both relevant and attractive to your visitors and well structured for the search engines. The SEO audit will help you to identify pages with potential that need to be reworked, as well as those that do not add value and should be deleted or merged.

Steps to a successful SEO audit for your website

To carry out an effective SEO audit, it is important to follow a precise and rigorous methodology.

Technical analysis

In this first stage, you will examine the technical elements of your site:

    1. Verification of meta tags (title, description)
    2. Evaluation of loading time
    3. Mobile compatibility check
    4. Analysis of indexing errors (HTTP codesitemap...)
    5. Examination of internal and external links

Content analysis

After the technical analysis, it's time to look at the content:

    1. Evaluation of the semantic field (keywords, co-occurrences, etc.)
    2. Analysis of the quality and relevance of texts
    3. Search for duplicate or obsolete content
    4. Optimising internal links

Analysis of inbound and outbound links

This last stage gives you an overview of your link profile:

    1. Analysis of incoming links (authority, diversity, number, etc.)
    2. Evaluation of outbound links
    3. Identification of toxic links that could harm your ranking

Make the most of your SEO diagnosis

An SEO audit can be long and complex, but it is essential if you want to optimise your website properly. Once the audit has been carried out, you will have an action plan to put in place to improve your SEO. It is important to :

  • Prioritise corrections : give priority to tackling the most serious problems or those with the greatest impact on your SEO.
  • Implementing a long-term strategy: Good search engine optimisation is not something that can be achieved overnight. Keep a close eye on changes in search engine algorithms and adapt your site accordingly.
  • Track your results : Regularly measure your performance (traffic, positioning, conversion rate, etc.) to check whether your actions are bearing fruit and adjust your strategy accordingly.

In conclusionSEO audit is a valuable tool which provides a true X-ray of your website, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses in terms of SEO.

This diagnosis will enable us to develop a tailor-made optimisation strategy to improve your site's visibility and increase its organic traffic.

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