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SEO agency services

Natural referencing has become a major challenge for companies and websites wishing to improve their visibility on the web.

In this context, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agencies play an essential role, offering services tailored to the needs and objectives of each client.

In this article, we present the main services offered by these specialist agencies.

SEO agency services

Target and keyword analysis

Identifying your target audience and the relevant keywords is the first step in an effective SEO strategy. An SEO agency will analyse your sector of activity, your competition and your potential customers in order to determine the most appropriate keywords for your website. This analysis will then be used to implement an optimised content strategy for these keywords.while taking into account the specific features of each search engine, such as Google.

Keyword search and selection

To choose the right keywords, SEO agencies generally use specialised tools to study search volumes, competition and the relevance of different terms. This research produces a list of main and secondary keywords, which is then used to guide the creation of content and the on-page optimisation of the site.

On-page and off-page optimisation

Once the list of keywords has been drawn up, the SEO agency will work directly on your site to optimise it for SEO purposes. These optimisations fall into two categories:

  • On-page optimisation : it concerns all the elements present on the site itself, such as meta tagsthe Hn beaconsthe structure of URLand the management of images and videos. The aim is to improve the readability and accessibility of the site for search engines and web users.

  • Off-page optimisation : It encompasses all the actions carried out outside the site, aimed at improving its reputation and popularity on the web. This includes the creation of inbound links (or backlinks), registering on specialist directories or taking part in forums and social networks in your sector of activity.

SEO audit and technical recommendations

Before proceeding with these optimisations, an SEO agency generally carries out a full audit of the site to identify its strengths, weaknesses and possible areas for improvement. Following this audit, technical recommendations are drawn up, enabling companies to prioritise the actions they need to take to boost their search engine positioning.

Creation of optimised content

Content is at the heart of any SEO strategy. An SEO agency will therefore make it a point of honour to offer you des solutions en matière de création de optimised content for search engines. This can involve writing articles for blogThese include the creation of detailed, attractive product sheets and targeted, relevant email campaigns.

Web copywriting and content marketing

SEO agencies can also provide you with copywriters specialised in your sector of activity. These professionals master both the codes of SEO and those of your field, enabling them to produce content that is relevant and effective for both Internet users and search engines.

Monitoring and analysing results: an essential stage in an SEO agency's services

In order to measure the effectiveness of the SEO strategy that has been put in place, it is essential to regularly monitor the various metrics relating to the site and its positioning on the search engines. An SEO agency generally offers monitoring and analysis of resultsA monthly report is also produced to assess performance and adjust the strategy if necessary.

Monitoring and analysis tools

As part of these services, SEO agencies use high-performance, recognised tools to monitor site statistics (visits, page views, etc.), bounce rateetc.), as well as its positioning on targeted queries. These tools, combined with the expertise of SEO consultantsThese can be used to accurately assess the impact of the various actions taken on the site's visibility and traffic.

Search engine optimisation training

Finally, some SEO agencies also offer training in SEO, to enable companies to develop their in-house skills and manage some or all of their SEO strategy themselves.

These training courses can cover a wide range of topics, such as on-page and off-page optimisation, the web copywriting or the use of various tools for analysing and monitoring results.

Choosing an SEO agency: what criteria should you take into account?

To choose an SEO agency that suits your needs and your budget, it is essential to compare several offers and check certain key points:

  • The agency's skills and expertise
  • Experience in your business sector
  • Its reputation and customer references
  • Its rates and its ability to adapt to your specific needs
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