Should I set up an in-house SEO team?

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Should I set up an in-house SEO team?

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Natural search engine optimisation (SEO) has become a major challenge for companies wishing to improve their online visibility.

So the question is: should you set up an in-house SEO team?

In this article, we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

in-house SEO team

The advantages of an in-house SEO team

Complete control of the process

One of the main advantages of having an in-house SEO team is undoubtedly the ability to complete control over the process. By bringing this service in-house, you'll have full control over all the actions required to carry out a technical audit, optimise on-site or choose partnerships to increase the netlinking.

Potentially controlled costs

Using a specialist agency can quickly become expensive for your business. So setting up an in-house SEO team can be a way of reduce costs associated with this expertise, especially if you consider that recruitment will be carried out over several years and will therefore enable you to train technicians who will know how your company and your web teams work.

Better alignment with the company's global strategy

When you set up an in-house team, it's much easier to get the right people in place.integrate SEO into the company's overall strategy. Your dedicated SEO staff will be able to draw on the skills and knowledge of other members of your organisation, while sharing their own expertise with them.

The disadvantages of an in-house SEO team

Recruitment and training

Building an SEO team requires a variety of skills: web copywritingtechnical optimisation, data analysis, etc. It can therefore be complicated to find candidates with all this knowledge. What's more, if they are not already trained in the specifics of your business, you will need to allow extra time for the team to get on board your projects.

Potentially increased costs and lead times

As mentioned above, setting up an in-house SEO team can reduce costs. However, if this approach is not properly managed (large numbers of unskilled recruits)This can lead to additional expenditure in terms of training and material resources, not to mention the time required to carry out the job's tasks.

A potential lack of expertise

While agencies specialising in natural referencing are made up of experts with complementary skills, an in-house team can see its work carried out by a team of experts. capacities limited by a lack of diversity. It is therefore necessary to assess the skills required to successfully complete SEO projects and ensure that team members can cover the full spectrum of needs.

Striking the right balance between agency and in-house team

Setting up an in-house SEO team does not necessarily mean excluding outside agencies altogether.

In fact, it could be useful to work with an agency to complement your in-house teamWe can also provide you with a wide range of services, such as a one-off technical audit, or help you make strategic choices.

  1. Focus on continuing training Once your in-house team is up and running, invest in their ongoing training so that they can acquire new skills and keep up to date in a constantly evolving field.
  2. Optimising costs without neglecting quality The cheapest is not always the best, but the same is true of the most expensive. Find the right balance by identifying the priority actions to be taken and assigning the right staff.
  3. Establish fluid communication with other company departments Remember that two teams working together are stronger than two teams working alone. Encourage the sharing of skills between your departments to align the SEO strategy with the company's overall objectives.

In short, setting up an in-house SEO team within your company has certain advantages, but it also presents some challenges.

It's up to you to assess whether this option meets your organisation's needs and constraints.

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