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In the web world, the pagination is a key element to take into account when optimising your site.

However, choosing the ideal pagination for your website can be a difficult exercise. But don't panic! This article presents the different solutions and gives you advice on how to find the best method.

Our SEO Agency can give you some useful tips on how to paginate your pages in a way that is ideal for Google.


ideal pagination for SEO

Understanding the principle of pagination

To begin with, it's essential to understand what pagination is and why it plays a crucial role in a website's SEO.

Pagination simply means dividing the content of a web page into several distinct pages, generally using a numbering system (for example, page 1, page 2...).

It makes browsing easier for the web user, improves the user's experience of the site and makes it more user-friendly.user experience and give a clearer structure to the content of a website.

If the content is too long or dense, pagination is used to structure it and make it less intimidating for the user and therefore more accessible to search engines.

Pagination solutions

There are several ways of organising pagination on your website:

  1. Page-by-page" numbering This solution consists of assigning a number to each page, with easy access from the first to the last. It is particularly suitable for sites offering articles or products in chronological or alphabetical order;
  2. Infinite" pagination using Ajax or JavaScriptFor example, when a visitor reaches the bottom of a page, it is possible to set up a pagination system that automatically loads the next content item. This method makes browsing more comfortable for the user and avoids the problems associated with orphan pages;
  3. The tabs This solution consists of dividing the content between several tabs on the same page. It is useful when the different parts of the content are very distinct from each other (for example, different notices or sections).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

The impact of ideal pagination for SEO

To choose the right pagination, you need to consider its impact on SEO :

  • Link juice dilution The more pages your site has, the weaker the link for each page. This can be detrimental to natural referencing, particularly for pages at the end of the list;
  • The duplicate content some pagination solutions can generate duplicate content if they are not well mastered, as in the case of infinite pagination ;
  • The complexity for indexing robots Certain pagination systems, particularly those based on JavaScript, can make it difficult for search engines to access your site and therefore limit the effectiveness of your natural referencing.

The rules to follow for ideal pagination for seo

In order to minimise the risks associated with SEO, it is necessary to follow certain rules when designing your website. setting up pagination :

  • Tags rel= "prev " and rel= "next " These tags are used to indicate to search engines the relationships between the different pages in a series. Their use is strongly recommended to avoid duplicate content and indexing problems;
  • Optimising metas Make sure you optimise the "title" and "description" tags on each page with unique content so as not to dilute natural referencing;
  • Thinking about the web user SEO: although SEO is important, don't forget that the user is your primary concern. So make sure that your navigation is fluid and adapted to their needs.

Pagination syntax: a key element to take into account

One of the most important aspects of good pagination for your website is the way you code your pages. If search engines have difficulty browsing and indexing your pages, this will have a negative impact on your SEO.

Building on a structure HTML simple and effective is crucial:

  • Use the appropriate tags for your list (such as
        , etc.) and respect HTML semantics;
      1. Optimise your URL so that they are simple, clear and understandable to search engines.

    In short, it is essential to choose the ideal pagination method for SEO to ensure the success of your website's natural referencing.

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