Influencing Bing Chat AI. Is this possible?

Open AI by Optimize 360

IA Bing Chat, the artificial intelligence (AI) from Bing Chat is an innovative technology that can be used to enhance the experience of chatbots, but has also recently been integrated into the Bing search engine itself in the 'conversation' section.

In this article, our SEO Agency Optimize 360 is going to give you some clues on how you can / could think about influencing Bing Chat AI to get the best possible result in the coming weeks.

And potentially get a head start on your competitors in terms of natural referencing on Bing.

Can Bing Chat AI be influenced?

Over the past few weeks, Optimize 360 has tried in vain to influence the responses of Chat GPT to see if the Open AI database could be enriched with interactions and/or new data as we interacted with 'it'.

Nothing can be done... the database seems to be locked and not really in a self-learning mode.

On the other hand, since the introduction of Bing's conversational mode, we've noticed a number of interesting things.

Bing Chat AI feeds on data found on the web

That's the first new feature!

While ChatGPT's responses are confined to its "closed circuit", Bing AI's responses to user queries are enhanced by small numbers (hypertext links) that direct users to websites.

Ai Bing Chat is not just a language model, but a kind of amalgam and synthesis of language model and web sources.

At this stage, we can already assume that SEO (natural referencing) within Bing, and the quality of the content that is sent to it, will be used as a basis of reference in the results of the Bing search engine. SERP conversational

Ai Bing Chat seems to be inspired by recent Linkedin posts!

Let's take a look at the example below for the question that was asked about Frédéric POULET, the founder of Optimize 360.

IA Bing Chat by Optimize 360

Here we can clearly see that the Bing Chat AI will search for a post made on Linkedin which retraces an article by blog posted by F.Poulet about the future of SEO in relation to artificial intelligence ...


This clearly means that the Open AI database, which itself feeds Bing Chat, has been enriched with 'fairly fresh' data posted on Linkedin to feed and enrich its responses.

Bing's AI therefore seems to be able to be conditioned by content that is itself "intelligent".

Or, if not intelligent, relevant to the creation of quality content.

The Bing Chat AI language model seems to draw information from the web, and... big news, though, from social networks.

The entire Optimize 360 team keeps a close eye on current and future developments.

We look forward to the arrival of Bard Google to bring a little more innovation to the Search Engines - Artificial Intelligence alliance


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