How do you choose your freelance SEO?

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The keys to choosing the right SEO freelancer for your business

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Online visibility is now a major factor in business success.

To optimise their online presence, they need the skills of a freelance SEO. But how do you choose the right expert to guarantee your success? Here are a few criteria to bear in mind when selecting your service provider.

choosing your freelance SEO

1. The skills and expertise of the SEO freelancer

To be sure you're working with a professional capable of guiding you to the top of the Google results, check their level of expertise. A good SEO consultant masters the different facets of natural referencing and can adapt its strategies to the specific needs of your company.

The basics of SEO

    • Analysis and keyword search They need to know how to identify the terms most searched for by Internet users in relation to your business.
    • On-page optimisation: they must master the best practices for improving the quality and relevance of your web pages in order to please the search engines.
    • Technical SEO: they must be familiar with the technical aspects that influence your ranking in search results (indexing, crawling, loading speed, etc.).
    • Link building It must be able to implement a strategy of netlinking to boost your online popularity and generate quality inbound links
    • Competitor analysis: they must be able to identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses to help you stand out from the crowd.
    • Performance monitoring: they need to have the tools they need to monitor changes in your search engine positions and the impact of their SEO actions.

Complementary skills

In addition to these essential basics, an SEO consultant may also have additional skills that are useful for your project:

    • Web copywriting If the expert knows how to write content that is optimised for natural referencing, this will enrich your site with texts that are relevant and attractive to Internet users.
    • Digital marketing: knowledge of other online marketing levers (social networks, paid advertising, email marketing, etc.) will be an asset in deploying a coherent global strategy
    • Web design / ergonomics an SEO freelancer with experience in creating and improving websites will be able to advise you on the visual and ergonomic aspects that impact your conversion rate and search engine optimisation

2. The service provider's references and achievements

Before choosing a SEO expert for your company, check out their past successes and the projects they have already been involved in. A good professional will not hesitate to show you examples of their successes and share case studies so that you can assess their skills in real-life situations.

Past and present customers

One important indicator is the satisfaction of clients with whom the SEO freelancer has worked in the past. Ask for references and find out about their experience of working with the freelancer: did they achieve concrete results? How did the expert help to improve their online visibility? Positive testimonials are a good sign that the service provider is reliable and serious.

Some concrete achievements

Similarly, ask to see a few concrete projects in which he has been involved and what results they have generated (SEO scores, search engine positions, organic traffic, etc.). This will give you a clear idea of their level of efficiency and whether their working method meets your needs and expectations.

3. The SEO consultant's ability to adapt

The field of SEO is a fast-moving one, and the rules of the game are constantly changing. So it's crucial to choose an expert who is capable of adapting to new developments and to the specific features of your business sector. Your company may have particular constraints or objectives that require a tailor-made strategy; check that the service provider will be able to respond effectively.

Keeping up to date

Make sure that the SEO consultant keeps up to date with changes in Google's algorithms and best practice in SEO. Constant monitoring is essential if you are to anticipate and adapt to changes in the SEO world.

Knowledge of the sector

Working with an expert who is already familiar with your business sector can be a considerable asset. He or she will be better able to understand your specific issues and challenges, choose the right keywords and define the best strategy to set you apart from the competition. This is not a sine qua non, but it can greatly facilitate collaboration and speed up results.

4. SEO freelance rates and conditions

Price should not be the only criterion when selecting an SEO expert, but it is important to find a service provider whose prices match your budget while offering a quality service.

Transparent pricing

Make sure that the SEO freelancer offers clear and transparent rates, with no hidden charges or unexpected extras. Also ask whether their prices include all the necessary services (audit, optimisation, monitoring, training, etc.) so that there are no nasty surprises along the way.

A price to match the value added

Remember that quality service comes at a price, and that it's better to invest in a competent expert than to turn to a low-cost solution that doesn't guarantee results. However, make sure that the price you pay is commensurate with the consultant's skills and expertise, and with the expected results.

5. Communication and relations with the service provider

The last essential criterion in choosing your SEO expert is the quality of the communication and relationship between the freelancer and your company. A good consultant will listen to your needs, be available to answer your questions and be transparent about the actions taken and the results obtained.

Regular exchanges

To monitor the progress of the work and measure its impact, it is important to have regular and constructive discussions with the SEO consultant. He or she must be able to explain clearly what is being done, the obstacles encountered and the solutions envisaged. Good collaboration is based on fluid and respectful communication.

Professional ethics

Don't forget to check the service provider's SEO ethics too. Be wary of experts who promise fast results or guarantee positions on the first page (this is impossible) and prefer those who apply sustainable methods that respect the guidelines imposed by the search engines (no techniques of black hat).

By taking these different criteria into account when making your selection, you will be able to find a freelance SEO to help you reach the heights of natural referencing. Choosing the right expert will ensure an effective strategy tailored to your business, with visible results in terms of organic traffic and online awareness.

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