"Tik Tok - Hanouna - IA": the winning combo of future cultural poverty?

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History has already shown us, with the advent of reality TV, that sometimes all that's needed is to bring together 'pretty faces' (and beautiful breasts) with the IQ of a sole meunière, for an audience in search of possible stories about couples and sex to fall for the pretextual scenarios, each as stupid as the next.

See. shows like "Les Marseillais" and "Les Chtis", producing pseudo-stars of this same reality TV, becoming themselves influencers on social networks, with their 2 neurons and 3 vocabulary words ("wech"...)

But now... figures show that this new generation, which had already fled Facebookfor Instagramand now for Tik TokOn the one hand, they find in this social network new budding gurus who are supposed to provide knowledge or know-how, but on the other hand they also find a source of knowledge enrichment (in place of good old dictionaries, Wikipedia or the Google )

Tik Tok, seemingly from elsewhere, fromafter the very serious site Abondance for this generation... a search engine in its own right (in place of Google) for the years to come...



Tik Tok: generation Z's new search engine!


When you see the number of pimply-faced teenagers who, almost overnight, have become specialists in a particular discipline (including AI), racking up thousands or even millions of views at the age of 20 and...

  • Promising to make you rich in a matter of weeks (Drop shipping Alibaba in the lead)
  • Promising the best after discovering the best AI sites
  • And unfortunately for some naive Internet users, advocating so-called miracle cures and games is dangerous for health.


Readers, if your children are the same teenagers likely to be trying to expand their knowledge, or even to think they're getting an education from Tik Tok, it might be time to take a look at what they're doing on it to avoid seeing them become as stupid as the budding gurus they follow and praise.

If Tik Tok were to become the new source of information and knowledge, just because it's fun, user-friendly and easy to use, that would be dramatic.

Dramatic in view of the poor discernment of its users, the intellectual poverty of what is presented, and quite simply the lack (or absence) of filtering or moderation of what is said.

(Unlike Wikipedia, whose community of experts at least self-assesses the veracity of its content.)

As long as you stay within the realms of the ridiculous... it can sometimes be funny... and sometimes actually interesting...

"I'll show you 3 AI websites that should be banned because they're so powerful ... "




Apart from the fact that it just shows "a hen who has found a knife" showing it to other hens... so far so good...


Tik Tok instead of Wikipedia... Hanouna instead of Bernard Pivot... Poor France...

When you see the level of debate, which at best is akin to Hanouna's "barroom discussions", and at worst comes close at times to degrading settling of scores live on air for the sake of unhealthy buzz...

Without wishing to be old-fashioned, conservative or a stick-in-the-mud, you have to wonder about the level of intellect and discernment that a large part of the Tik Tok or Hanouna audience will have (or already has...)...

But in the end, as long as it's entertaining, "only" vulgar and potty? why not?

When it comes to misinformation and the production of untruths, when certain politicians (led by M Schiappa), on the pretext of ratings, start to give in to or endorse this kind of media by their very presence... we can't help but wonder and go so far as to say that we're probably in trouble.

I'm not talking about using the media as a "distribution channel" or presence.

I'm talking about condoning and aiding and abetting vulgarity, failing to condemn excesses, and indirectly colluding with the "unhealthy" or even the "false or misleading".


So... Poor (future) France? ....


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