What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Optimize360 What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

They replaced traditional communications agencies some time after the advent of interactive websites and social networks. Digital Marketing Agencies have moved from print to showcase sites, from creative briefs to creative content, from advertising inserts to sponsored ads, from advertising pages to viral videos.

In this new digital environment, where everything is controlled and carried out with the touch of a finger, what is a Digital Marketing Agency? And beyond that, what makes a good Digital Marketing Agency?

Partner From forecasting to reaction, from anticipation to crisis management, a good Digital Marketing Agency works on both image and visibility. It enhances the virtual shop window and leads consumers to it. Gets them into the shop, then encourages them to come back. Often. Regularly.

Your visibility partner, a digital strategist

A few years ago, it was a matter of defining a communication strategy based on a graphic universe, a signature, a message, one or more targets and the purchase of advertising space. Nowadays, Digital Marketing Agencies define new types of Personas, and address them via websites or social networks. Well-versed in the criteria of Google, which is all-powerful in this area, the Digital Marketing Agency knows how to move up the search results pages and get its clients into the top positions.

With ambitious, achievable objectives (SMART), customers define their roadmap and their strategy: winning new customers, recruiting new ones, building loyalty and interacting with existing ones.

The 1st radical change since glossy advertising pages: with digital, the brand and the customer are addressing a real community. It knows their tastes, expectations, attitudes and current events. The message can therefore be adjusted according to the constantly changing news (threads and news feeds), and can be rated, positively or negatively, at any time.

The digital marketing agency, the communications partner for independent businesses

The role of the Digital Marketing Agency is therefore to understand the culture, the business and the sector of its customers, in order to establish a virtuous ecosystem over the long term, based on positive opinions and commitment, listening and discussing negative grievances, an enriched customer experience, and products or services that meet the expectations of consumers and end customers. And all at a price that independent businesses in all sectors can afford.

Professionals who master the 3 key areas of digital marketing

The Digital Marketing Agency masters and juggles the Referencing (SEO, SEA), Community Management and e-reputation management.

It starts by putting or putting back the website at the centre of the ecosystem. The initial actions are therefore aimed at building and thinking of the website as the shop window as well as the virtual shop itself. Then, in sometimes highly competitive sectors, to get it to the top of the search results pages (SERP.) For its client, the Agency will therefore mark out each part of the site with titles and key words relevant. This will help the site to be indexed and referenced by search engines, particularly the largest. By pushing these keywords at every opportunity, the site's visibility will increase day by day. Automatically.

That's the amazing thing: a lot of hard work up front (thinking, forecasting, testing) produces results long after the fact. This is what we call the long tail phenomenon. Letting threads of words drift across the web, then catching, even far behind, simple queries about a given business or service. And finally being found by the consumer.

Using social networks to animate your community and improve your e-reputation

These coherent, relevant messages are then multi-distributed across the available media. The Digital Marketing Agency's second role is to define the most relevant media or networks for its customers. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter for most sectors. Pinterest or Instagram for creative, fashion or artistic professions. YouTube for video, a medium that is constantly on the rise and virtually unavoidable if you want to stand out from the crowd. The Digital Marketing Agency defines the content and containers and links everything to the strategy defined with the customer.

Finally, at a time when smartphones are turning everyone into a gastronomic critic, tourist guide or simply a influencerThe reign of review sites is here to stay. The Digital Marketing Agency uses methods and tools to manage e-reputation. In the hotel and restaurant industry in particular, it's all about finding ways to put satisfied customers in the spotlight. And using the management of negative reviews to your own advantage. Dialogue, listen to your community, then improve and reward. All professionals need to know what their customers and their community are saying about them. And proclaim yourself "Employer" or "Professional of the Month"!

A partner, an advisor, an expert in promoting know-how on the Internet

[/vc_column_text][stm_iconlist icon="stmicon-arrow-more"]Once the digital strategy The key is to work over the long term. By using the many tools available to both agencies and their customers. Visit natural referencing (SEO) for example, such as the paid referencing (SEA) is an in-depth process, following real preparation. It's like running a marathon! And the more care you put into your preparation, the better the results you'll get.

A Digital Marketing Agency is the ideal partner for emerging, existing and standing out on the Internet. Thanks to the mastery of high-performance tools and methods, you can make your expertise known. Virtually, but in real terms!

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