Shop Gun : Increase traffic to 50%'s e-commerce site in 1 year by working on SEO

shopgun increase site traffic SEO

Increase site traffic through SEO alone

Gain positions on the most strategic keywords to generate more traffic to the site and increase sales.

Method used

SEO levers

  • Strategic and tactical semantic targeting vs. competitors
  • Adjust site tags accordingly
  • Work on the content of the site, from the product sheet to the categories
  • Structuring the site's tree structure
Results obtained

Net increase in site traffic

50% increase in the number of visitors to the site in 1 year

shopgun logo increase ecommerce site traffic
50 percent increase in the number of visitors to the ecommerce site
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visitors to the site
+0 key words
referenced on Google since 2022
shopgun logo increase ecommerce site traffic


Director at ShopGun

What was the aim of your collaboration?
Increase traffic on the e-commerce site and position ourselves on strategic keywords such as "Airsoft".

What did you enjoy most during your collaboration?
Availability of the team, good responsiveness with positive results, good technical communication.

Are you planning to create a website?

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