How has Château de Berne boosted its direct sales vs. OTA?

chateau de berne

Increase direct online sales vs. OTAs

Work on brand defence (visibility) and the share of direct bookings to limit dependence on OTAs

Method used

Implementation of SEO & SEA levers

  • Analysis of competitors in the Provence region
  • Strategic semantic audit and definition of a semantic universe
  • Optimising site tags
  • Production of SEO-optimised content (dedicated blog posts)
  • SEA campaigns (brand defence and acquisition)
Results obtained

Net increase in sales

+13% increase in direct sales vs OTA's in year 1

+53 % increase in sales

+33% average positions compared with the 5 main competitors (visual)

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CustomerBern Castle
BusinessSEO & SEA
Optimize 360 E-Commerce: How to boost online sales through SEO / SEA example: the wines of Château de Berne
increase in direct sales in year 1
increase in sales
average SEO positions vs. competitors
maxime mathon

Maxime Mathon

Sales & Marketing Manager MDCV - Chateau de Berne

Thanks to its SEO and SEA support, Optimize 360 has made a real contribution to guiding our acquisition and win-back strategy against the OTAs (Booking / Expedia), to winning back very significant direct market share from year 1 (+15%), and to improving our overall P&L for the group's 4 Châteaux and Hotels.

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