Clamart Rugby 92: how the new website came first on Google ahead of the top 14 clubs

Optimize360 Clamart Rugby 92: how the new website came first on Google ahead of the top 14 clubs

Raise the profile of the Rugby Club

Modernise the Club's image with a new website. Communicate more about results and news with simple, high-performance digital tools.

Build loyalty among members, parents, sponsors and partners, and recruit new players and sponsors.

Method used

Wordpress site and SEO levers

  • Creation of a lightweight, SEO-optimised Wordpress site, followed by the implementation of an editorial line.
  • Publication of numerous articles every week on the latest news from the Clamart rugby club teams.
  • Creating a newsletter
  • Setting up a mobile application
  • Creation of advertising inserts on the site to monetise the site and create visibility for partners and sponsors.
  • Create a Google AdGrants account to use AdWords for free.
Results obtained

1st on Google ahead of Top 14 clubs

  • 10000 monthly visits after 6 months
  • 1st on Google for the queries "club de rugby 92" and "club de rugby ile de France" and 2nd or even 1st for "Club de rugby Paris". The site always came in ahead of Racing 92 and Stade Français.
  • Rebound rate below 20%
Optimize360 logo client website creation Clamart Rugby 92
CustomerClamart Rugby 92
BusinessCreation of website and SEO
TargetBtoC & BtoB
Optimize 360 customer photo Sébastien Papillon Clamart rugby 92

Sébastien Papillon

Chairman of Clamart Rugby 92

Optimize 360 carried out a complete overhaul of our rugby club's communications policy, covering all media: website, social networks, print communications, etc. The agency overhauled the website and delivered a high-performance, easy-to-maintain tool that gives us optimum visibility to our target audience. It also streamlined our communications on the various Facebook and Instagram pages, etc. In a complex associative environment, the agency was able to meet its commitments in terms of deadlines and costs.

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