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Long-term SEO

Why should SEO be a long-term project?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an essential discipline for companies wishing to improve the visibility of their website on search engines such as Google. However, it is not enough to implement a few one-off actions to hope for lasting results. SEO is first and foremost a long-term project...
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social networks

When should you publish on Instagram?

Instagram is an essential platform for brands, influencers and individuals looking to reach a wide audience. To maximise your engagement, it's crucial to identify the best times to publish content. In this article, we explore the ideal time slots and days to boost your visibility on Instagram.
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Google Ads SEA

Why can Gclid SEA tracking disrupt SEO?

Tracking SEA campaigns, particularly through the use of the "gclid" parameter, is a common method of measuring and optimising the performance of paid ads. However, this practice can sometimes have repercussions for a website's SEO. This article explores ten reasons why integrating this parameter can have a negative impact on SEO strategy, and offers some insights into how to...
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cannibalisation in seo

How can you spot cannibalisation in SEO?

Keyword cannibalisation is a common and often underestimated problem in SEO. It occurs when several pages on the same website target the same keywords or phrases, which creates confusion for search engines like Google and can harm your site's overall ranking. This article aims to...
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Google local listing errors

How much does Google search engine optimisation cost?

Google search engine optimisation is an essential tool for any business looking to increase its online visibility. However, determining the exact cost of these services can be complex. The price of search engine optimisation depends on a number of factors, including your objectives, the competition in your sector and the techniques used.
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Optimize 360 to be on the first page of Google

When was Google created? What is its history?

Google, a name that immediately conjures up images of the Internet and online research. Yet this technology giant began humbly, founded by two ambitious students in a garage. This article explores the defining moments that have shaped the history of Google from its inception to the present day.
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live chat

5 essential WordPress extensions to improve your SEO

If you want to create a high-performance blog that will give you good visibility on search engines and unrivalled performance, then this article is for you! Wordpress is packed with features and extensions that will enable you to put in place a solid SEO strategy with ease, alongside hosting...
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Best SEO agency optimize 360

The best SEO strategies for boosting your online visibility

By Optimize 360 SEO Agency What are the best SEO strategies? The best SEO strategies all have something in common! In fact, good SEO requires method and very precise processes to meet the requirements of search engines and their algorithms. Optimize 360 can help you...
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Best SEO agency optimize 360

Top 10 SEO ranking analysis tools

In this article, we present an overview of the 10 best tools for optimising your natural referencing and improving your positioning on search engines like Google. For each of them, we offer a detailed description and the key features that will be useful to you as part of your digital strategy.
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site design errors

Why include multimedia content in SEO?

Integrating multimedia content as part of an SEO strategy has become crucial to increasing the visibility of a website. These elements enrich the user experience, improve natural referencing and encourage audience engagement.
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