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Optimize 360 is a Social Ads Agency that creates ads on social networks to increase awareness, traffic, engagement, visibility, lead generation and additional sales.
We can also manage your social networks in the broadest sense of the term, taking care of your editorial line and creating optimised and sponsored posts to develop, consolidate and improve your overall digital strategy.

We'll help you to understand the issues between the actions you need to take on Google (SEO / SEA) and the very different actions you need to take via social networks. (Community Management, Social Ads, Social Selling)

Optimize 360 Social Ads Agency

What is Social Ads?

Social Ads are an extension of your social network marketing strategy.

They are a way of connecting with your audience by targeting them and then involving them in the conversation around your brand or company.

Used to recruit new fans, followers and an audience in line with your potential buyer personas, advertising on social networks has become virtually indispensable for optimising them, given that the "reach" of these same social networks has become famously low.

Over time, the algorithms of the main social networks have deliberately limited the organic reach of each organic post so that you have to invest in advertising...
Social Ads is also used for Social Selling purposes, but to be effective it has to comply with very specific codes.

Advertising campaigns on social networks are far from all effective or even desirable...

Even if billions of users are potentially reachable, not all products and services are necessarily adapted to social media advertising formats, or simply to certain social networks themselves.

Which social networks are right for your business?

That's the first question you need to ask yourself before going...

Optimize360 What is Social Ads?

Are your products and/or services likely to be ...

  • Promoted by influencers?
  • Are they jewellery brands / mobile applications / small, uninvolving pieces of software?
  • Are these products or services likely to create a buzz?
  • Are they visually appetising?
  • Are they bought as impulse products?
  • Are they already sold on e-commerce sites?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then you have a good chance of using a targeted audience to find acquisition levers with a good advertising strategy.

Even though each social network will have its own set of rules and operating codes.
If the answer is "No", then it won't be impossible, but it will be much harder to emerge with Social Media campaigns.

What can a Social Ads Agency do for you?

This is precisely the first task that a good Social Ads Agency should provide.
Your business, your Global Digital Strategy...

What coast share of investment to make:

  • On Google ( SEO natural search / SEA paid search )
  • On Social Networks (and which ones?)

And once these answers have been given, and the choices made, which social networks to invest in and how.

And if that's the case, you need to have a strategic vision of the content to be disseminated (storytelling, photos, videos, advertising slogans) because...

Without content, social networks are nothing.

What are the main principles you need to know to work well on Social Networks?

Social Networks are all different, but they all have certain things in common.
A Social Media strategy must necessarily take this into account before optimising any campaigns.

A Social Network is above all centred on the person (rather than the brand).

Will Michel Edouard Leclerc, for example, get more hits than his brand's Leclerc page?

The answer is "yes".

Will Emmanuel Macron speaking in person get more hits than the "presidency of the republic" page?

The answer is 'yes' too.

Cristiano Ronaldo has over 413 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian 292 million, while global brands such as Louis Vuitton have 48 million, and LVMH as a company only 932,000.

Speaking out on social networks will always have a greater impact and be more widely followed if it is personified.

As a result, social media campaigns will often be combined with influencer campaigns to embody and represent brands.

Social Media strategy is all about interaction with potential customers

On the other hand, the algorithms of most social networks favour posts that generate engagement (comments, shares, likes) and, in some cases, where the brand owner continues to interact through responses.

Even if a post on the networks is sponsored, here too the notion of Reach will depend on its ability to generate interaction and virality.

Without Singularity, Discrepancy, Originality, Innovation... Power is nothing on a social network...

It's all very logical, but many brands or companies want to be on social networks "because it works" and because you can potentially reach millions of people...

But the basic question is, what are you going to tell them? Small talk?

And with what kind of text, photos and videos? if there isn't a real editorial strategy and a story to tell that goes beyond presenting your offer, range or products X number of times.

What impact or virality can a restaurant that posts its daily menu on Facebook and Instagram hope to achieve?

Singularity, originality and the ability to astonish in order to encourage sharing will therefore be the watchwords if we hope to generate a viral impact within the networks.

In some cases, good influencers are better than bad publicity...

In fact, if you have nothing to say about your products, they might as well be in the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo or Kim Kardashian, praising their merits, rather than in bad publicity; which, while potentially reaching a huge number of people, will not be 'endorsed' by influential users.

What should a good Social Ads Agency provide?

An agency with expertise in community management and social ads on social networks will work with you to decide on the editorial line and content to be produced (and on which channels) before resorting to advertising campaigns or sponsored posts.

Social networks should be just another distribution channel compared to traditional advertising, with the realisation that it is possible to interact with potential customers. But not just any old way.

Encourage competitions, storytelling and the use of real influencers if you hope to reach millions of users and develop your sales thanks to social networks.

As for Social Selling, the conversion rates you can expect will be closely linked to the very nature of the products and services you are promoting...

Run a Social Media campaign on industrial hoses aimed at BtoB customers... and you'll see that you won't reach any potential customers.

On the other hand, get Roger Federer to come to your hotel and extol its virtues, and you'll gain instant notoriety among his own followers and millions of RS users.

Obviously, these examples are crude, but they do demonstrate the 2.0 codes and workings of social networks. And their limits.

Why are the concepts of "Contest" / Competition / Incentive so important in Social Ads and Social Media Strategy?

Of course, a number of brands will confine themselves to using advertisements as part of their acquisition strategy and/or to reach a potential audience in line with their buyer personas.

But the notion of viral impact will be much stronger if you are looking to interact with your fan communities and/or potential customers.

Of course, targeting a qualified audience and a similar audience will be the basis for campaign optimisation.

But the performance of campaigns will be all the stronger if they are linked to competitions, incentives and instant wins that encourage Internet users to take action, interact, participate and share...

Advertising formats, ad formats and above all innovative and engaging formats will be at least as important as the targeting criteria themselves.
An advertising campaign on social networks cannot be improvised.

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