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Optimize 360 is an E-Reputation Agency specialising in the restaurant and catering sector.

E-Reputation has become key today and remains one of the major criteria for choosing a restaurant and attracting customers.

No one can ignore it, and no one can take it lightly, such is its elasticity to sales.

Since 2012, Optimize 360 has been helping restaurants to improve their E-Reputation and their ability to manage customer reviews simply, centrally and effectively.

Optimize 360 Restaurant E-Reputation Agency

The E-Reputation of a restaurant: some astonishing figures


Restaurants and leisure tourism are the two sectors in which the French most frequently consult online customer reviews

9 out of 10 customers (90 %) systematically consult customer reviews before booking a hotel (source Qualitelis) or a service. And more than half, 60 %are filing notices.

  • 91% of consumers aged 18 to 34 trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.
  • 89 % of Internet users read the responses given by professionals to their online reviews.

Establishments that respond to reviews inspire
1.7 times more confident than others (76 % compared with 46 %)

Some TripAdvisor figures on customer reviews

  • 72 % systematically read the reviews on TripAdvisor before making a decision on their choice of accommodation or restaurant.
  • 87 % leave positive reviews on TripAdvisor to share a great experience.

79 % book a restaurant with a higher rating when they

hesitate between two establishments with identical services.

Source Triadvisor 2019

The management of customer reviews has become essential, and now has an elasticity and a direct link between online reputation and sales generated.

Brand image is obviously at stake, but positive and negative reviews can also influence the final choice of a restaurant with identical SEO rankings.

Word of mouth is no longer enough: you need a genuine communication strategy that takes into account review sites, whether they come from social networks or booking platforms such as Lafourchette, Guide Michelin, etc.

What tools are available for aggregating online restaurant reviews?


Optimize 360 recommends two in particular, which have already proved their worth, not only in terms of their ability to collect and summarise information and rapidly analyse reputation, but also in terms of soliciting additional opinions.

Why is this?

It's important to remember that only (or almost only) unhappy customers tend to leave a negative review, whereas satisfied customers are less likely to do so naturally.

If we go out and collect customer reviews from people who have a positive image of your establishment, and let them have their say, then naturally the average rating will increase to be more faithful to reality.

These two consumer review aggregation suites will collect all customer reviews from social networks and directories that contain them, and aggregate them in a single place.

This saves you from having to log in/password - log in/password on all the directories concerned to view and reply to notices.

This also makes it possible to reconstitute a history of performance over time in order to analyse the situation dynamically. 

These two platforms also make it possible to respond to reviews centrally, and to report negative reviews directly from the same platform.

Responding to Customer Reviews: an essential and useful action (also) for your SEO


Responding to reviews has become an essential part of what we might call Customer Service, and has a number of merits.

  • It allows you to show your customers (whether the review is positive or negative) that you care about them, and that you take their comments into consideration.
  • At times, this can help you avoid a bad buzz, and a chain of shares and negative outbursts that are so important to the viral nature of social networking.
  • This allows you to include interesting keywords for your SEO ranking, and to publish them on Google My Business pages in particular.

E-Reputation management tools more effective than Mystery Shoppers

Review sites and their collection of reviews and comments enable near real-time monitoring that even companies specialising in mystery shopping cannot provide.

Once opinion management has been collected, we can use semantic analysis, which we have mastered, to obtain a maximum amount of information by heading:

In fact, for a restaurant, we have the possibility of distinguishing, within the overall rating, ratings and performances for:

  • Reception
  • The service
  • The quality of the food
  • Perceived cost
  • Decoration
  • Etc...

In short, everything that has been said by Internet users as they post comments on the various social networks and main directory sites.

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