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Founded in 2012, Optimize supports local and international companies looking for external expertise in the field of SEO.

Our goal is to help our clients increase their visibility on the web while optimizing their Return on Investment (ROI) in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our particularity: the founders of Optimize come from the business world and are particularly familiar with the problems of both SMEs and major brands. We are Referenceers and Entrepreneurs.

Initially working mainly in the hotel sector (referencing of hotels and restaurants) for which techniques and solutions are particularly advanced, we have extended our know-how to many areas of activity, whether in B to C, B to B or E-Commerce.

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Agency specialized in Social Media Strategy in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region

A social media agency defines a strategy on social networks as a real battle plan

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... the use of social media continues to increase. With just a few minutes a day, these platforms can become formidable growth accelerators.

An effective communication can be carried out there for the acquisition of new customers, the increase of your visibility and also for the development of your brand in order to attract new customers in particular.

Knowing how to manage them professionally is very different from using them on a personal basis.

Individuals have Profiles and use social networks to share information "among friends".

Companies manage Pages with very different settings and possibilities. They must adopt a well-targeted and very specific commercial and loyalty building approach.

Create and animate a Facebook or Instagram page, make the most of a Linkedin page... Using these networks for BtoB or BtoC prospecting is not something that can be improvised.

Defining a clear editorial line coupled with a strategy of community conquest and animation is a crucial step.

Even if there are complementarities, the management of social networks is fundamentally different from SEO management. Thus on Google, we are dealing with an active search audience that is ready to make a purchase. On the other hand, on social networks, we're dealing with an audience that is primarily looking for entertainment and has no prior intention to buy. It is therefore necessary to think about your communication strategy.

Agence de Référencement Naturel (SEO) à Lyon et sur la région Rhône-Alpes

Optimize Rhône-Alpes, Agence de Référencement naturel basée à Lyon, vous accompagne pour rendre visible votre site internet, le faire arriver parmi les premières positions des résultats de recherche Google, et générer du trafic qualitatif vers votre site.

SEO is the site promotion method that brings the most qualified traffic to a website. A single figure sums up the importance of good visibility for all companies: almost 9 out of 10 Internet users carry out a search before making a purchase or ordering a service. It is therefore the most efficient traffic generation tool over time. Indeed, given that Google represents more than 95% of searches in France and in the Rhône-Alpes region in particular, it is essential to appear in the first positions of results to be visible.

If the creation of a website is indeed an important step in your digital strategy, it is by far not enough. You have to be seen! For your site to have targeted traffic, it is essential to reference it by intervening on all the parameters that influence its ranking in Google searches.

Le référencement naturel est donc une stratégie qui consiste à bien positionner votre site par rapport à vos concurrents afin d’être trouvé en premier par les internautes. Optimize Rhône-Alpes vous accompagne dans la stratégie de positionnement de votre nom d’entreprise et d’identification des mots clefs stratégiques pour être trouvé parmi les premières positions de recherche Google dans votre univers concurrentiel.

We use professional tools so that nothing is left to chance. The implementation of this strategy requires the respect of many criteria that are imposed by Google, a long term reflection with you as well as a regular follow-up in order to be constantly in adequacy with your needs.

Optimize Rhône-Alpes will help you improve your conversion rate, whether it is an incoming phone call, a contact from a potential customer, a reservation or an online sale.

Our DNA is to follow up with you on a monthly basis so that we can influence the search results with you, taking into account your objectives while keeping you informed about the evolution of your competitors and Google's constantly evolving algorithm.

Our goal: To position your website permanently in the best Google results on targeted queries for quality traffic.

Paid Search Engine Optimization Agency (SEA) Google Ads in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region

Optimize 360 Rhône-Alpes est une Agence de Référencement Payant (SEA) agréée Google Partner.

Le référencement payant, qui consiste à acheter des mots-clés pour apparaître en bonne place sur les moteurs de recherche, peut être un moyen efficace de générer rapidement du trafic sur son site. Il ne remplace pas pour autant une véritable stratégie de référencement naturel. Le référencement payant vous permet d’être instantanément visible auprès d’une audience qualifiée.

Vous serez positionner sur les 4 premiers résultats de recherches « sponsorisés » Google, et donc vous allez démultiplier les chances d’être trouvés par des clients potentiels. C’est un excellent complément au référencement naturel qui pourra vous aider à booster vos ventes en fonction des saisons et/ou des produits et services à mettre en avant. Un des aspects essentiels est de travailler dans la mesure du possible sur la mesure des taux de conversion des prospects en clients réels, avec des techniques dont Optimize Rhône-Alpes saura vous faire profiter.

An asset in many situations:

  • Au lancement de votre site, le temps que le référencement naturel porte ses fruits,
  • To highlight a special offer
  • To boost content that struggles to reference itself naturally
  • To take more space in the research results, in synergy with natural results

... The opportunities are endless!

Agency specialized in Community Content Management in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region

Optimize Rhône-Apes a la conviction et l’expérience pratique démontrant que le Community Management de contenu est extrêmement efficace à des fins de référencement naturel.

Indeed, a well-managed site blog with many articles allows tactically to go and insert targeted keywords to complete the structural part of the site itself, and skillfully impact the "long tail" keywords.

 It is of course necessary to find the right balance between producing information content and producing content for tactical purposes in order to influence Google search results on these keywords.

Optimize Rhône-Apes has the qualified resources to do so, and can offer you to write blog articles in line with this digital strategy.

This article base can be used to feed social networks as a complement.

Afin d’optimiser votre référencement, ces articles de blog doivent être « SEO compatibles », c’est à dire rédigés de telle sorte que Google les indexe comme de vraies pages de contenus à part entière

Agence spécialisée en gestion de l'E-Réputation à Lyon et sur la région Rhône-Alpes

E reputation E-commerce

The e-reputation, on the Web, on the Internet or online, is the reputation, the common opinion (information, opinions, exchanges, comments, rumors ...).

Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants are mostly subject to these comments and this E-Reputation, which are difficult to control.

Optimize Rhône-Alpes maîtrise parfaitement les mécanismes de fonctionnement des principaux annuaires et sites supports et possède  des outils de collecte, d’analyse, de synthèse et de restitution des données sur votre E-Réputation.  qui permettent de collecter les commentaires, les avis et les étoiles.
Optimize 360, Agence de E-Réputation pour le CHR, de par son ADN, connaît parfaitement la structure et le fonctionnement des principaux annuaires ou sites supports qui émettent des commentaires, des avis et des notations.

Nous sommes ensuite en mesure de vous accompagner afin améliorer votre statut avec des corrections possibles et en influençant vos classements dans les différents moteurs comme Tripadvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, Pages Jaunes, Yelp ainsi que tous les sites qui proposent des commentaires et des notations des internautes.
Aujourd’hui c’est l’ensemble des activités économiques qui sont concernées. Toutes les entreprises sont notées.

We are equipped for our customers with professional collection and synthesis tools that allow us to analyze in One Shot and over time the evolution of your E-Reputation. We are able to help you improve it both through concrete field actions and corrective actions, but also by legally influencing your rankings in Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Local.ch. These actions are particularly important to improve the image of your establishment at the crucial moment of the choice that is made by Internet users according to the comments and opinions listed.

Inbound Marketing Agency in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to generate visitors, leads and customers on your website through a content strategy .

If we can talk about it, it is because we ourselves have implemented an Inbound Marketing process for Optimize.

This customer acquisition and follow-up process is particularly effective and interesting in a long-term corporate approach. Once well in place, it allows you to recruit new prospects and new customers thanks to well defined actions according to the needs of the person and his evolution in the decision making scheme.

The first step in Inbound Marketing consists of referencing your website so that the Internet users who arrive on it are those who correspond to potential customers.

Once these potential customers arrive on site, they will have to be qualified in such a way that they can be contacted again. 

Above all, what is the purpose of Inbound Marketing?

  • A améliorer le référencement naturel de votre site internet (seo) de manière pérenne
  • Increase your website traffic by at least 75% in a few months
  • Turn more visitors into leads in an automated way
  • Generate (really) qualified leads for your sales people
  • Improve your overall lead/customer conversion rate
  • To increase your sales and therefore your turnover thanks to your website.

To manage an Inbound Marketing strategy, your site must therefore be backed by a Sales and Marketing CRM tool (Hubspot type) and, depending on the level of maturity of your prospect, after having retrieved his contact details, you must be able to "feed" him with qualitative information until he is ready to purchase your products or services.

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Optimize 360 Frédéric Fauvet Rhône Alpes - Lyon

Frédéric Fauvet

Optimize Rhône-Alpes

Lancée à Lyon en 2019, la franchise Rhône-Alpes s'appuie sur les points forts d'Optimize: une méthodologie éprouvée et efficace, une expertise technique déployée au service des clients, et des valeurs empreintes de simplicité, de proximité et de pragmatisme.