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Since 2012, Optimize 360 has specialised in website creation for the tourism and hotel industries, but also in the acquisition of direct traffic to win back market share from OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Booking and Expedia.

With 350 hotel clients to our name, we have acquired a wealth of know-how in this area, and are able to demonstrate convincing and concrete results in our ability to improve direct P&L, control our client database and not leave the lion's share to OTAs and partner tour operators.


Optimize 360 Website Design Agency for Hotels

Tourism and Hospitality Web sites: What special features should they have?

A web user travelling opens an average of 27 tabs when looking for the ideal destination, including Booking, Expedia, Tripadvisor... the hotel's direct website will have to seduce and convince potential customers to book "at home"...

What's more, since OTA booking engines are over-optimised to ensure that Internet users can book with as few clicks as possible, and as quickly as possible, going through Booking Engine direct ( D-Edge Availpro, Reserv it... ) will mean filling in additional data...

Booking, Expédia & Cie have clearly understood that storing data (booking details, credit cards, "connect with facebook", "connect with Google") gives them a major competitive advantage when it comes to this online booking facility.

Not to mention the "Genius" or equivalent programmes, to increase loyalty and lower prices.

As a result, the sites of direct establishments will absolutely have to draw on at least the qualities of the OTAs, while differentiating themselves and offering other advantages.

Hotel websites: Fast connection on Desktop AND Mobile

More than in other professions, if Internet users are slow to book simply and quickly, hotels run the risk of losing them to their OTA partners and competitors.

As a result, the speed of connection, the ease of finding the "Call to Action" buttons for online bookings, the telephone number that can be clicked from a mobile phone, and even the chat facility, will all be crucial if the potential customer is not to be put off.

Highly visible Call To Actions all over the hotel website

Wherever the user is on the website, the booking buttons must remain present and visible, otherwise too much clutter, too slow, or simply too many buttons... will prevent the customer from converting.

All the more so from a smartphone, since the screen is smaller and therefore less conducive to the presentation of a wide range of functions.

Hotel websites must have a top-notch booking engine!

If the connection between your site and the search engine you are working with takes too long, you run the risk of simply losing the visitor, who will get fed up, get bored and... go back to Booking.

So your engine-generating operator, very often the same as your Channel Manager, will have to be extremely efficient, because he alone can either win or lose you live bookings.

A hotel website with a very attractive Look and Feel

In fact, this is the main advantage you have over the standardised information sheets presented by the OTAs.

With an OTA, the listing for hotel A will be exactly the same as the listing for hotel B or C, except for the photos and special services. 

Your website must therefore reflect your image, not be misleading or oversell, but in any case it must be much sexier and more sales-oriented than the OTAs' information sheets, so as to make people want to book with you and not with them.

Fortunately, the territory of expression of your direct website makes this possible. 

Very nice photos and videos are therefore to be favoured and will enable your hotel website to be much prettier, sexier and more appealing than the OTA listings.

A hotel website with attractive package deals

We all know that the top two criteria when choosing a hotel for an Internet user are :

  1. Geolocation of your hotel
  2. The price and/or offers displayed

As a result, the more you are able to highlight these price and package offers on your hotel website, the more you will be able to convince internet users to use you and not the OTAs.

Before creating your Tourism and Hospitality website, think about direct acquisition

This is at least as important as the quality of the hotel website.

If we leave it up to the OTAs to buy the name of the hotel in Google Ads or Meta Search, then we are leaving them the possibility of cannibalising us at the entrance and giving them free rein to take the 20% in commissions from us even though the surfer was intending to find us.

You should know that it is entirely possible to counter their approach while being more profitable and without exceeding the 20% of investment on Google.

On the contrary, we manage to counter them at %ages of investment of less than 7-8%.

Including by dropping their prices and appearing cheaper than their advertised rates.

Recipes for a successful hotel website

optimize 360 hotel website creation

Efficiency vs. OTA must be the watchword, and the vision to adopt when creating or redesigning a hotel website.

Optimize 360 has a complete checklist of the key success factors for this.

Entrust us with your website creation project, and we'll start by working with you to draw up the guidelines that will lead you to an attractive, differentiating and high-performance site.

Don't overlook the "extras" on your hotel website

Putting together an excellent hotel website and a strategy for acquiring and regaining market share is nothing if other criteria are not managed or aligned in parallel:

  • Ability of reception teams to encourage direct bookings when customers check out (using a promotional code where applicable)
  • Fare Yield Management vs. local competition in particular
  • Ability to showcase the hotel's 'extras' and services (concierge service / online help)
  • Ability to promote and package all the other services that the hotel can offer (Spa? MICE offer? Catering? Excursions and activities on offer? etc.).
  • E-Reputation and Pre Stay / In Stay / Post Stay Management 
  • Management of Brand Defence google ads and Meta Search
  • Customer loyalty management using a typical CRM system Experience Hotel

SEO management Natural referencing website.

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