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Since 2012, Optimize 360 creates websites for restaurants and hotels.

As a specialist CHR agency, we know perfectly well how to generate more direct bookings (vs. TheFork, formerly Lafourchette), and how to propel these same sites to the top of Google search results (SEO).

If you want a site that's attractive, visible, easy to find and performs well...

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What are the best practices for creating a high-performance restaurant website?

Creating an attractive restaurant website

Creating websites for restaurants may seem simple enough... but if you want to stand out from your local competitors, if you want to try and overtake TheFork (Lafourchette), having a high-performance website goes far beyond just a nice online business card.

Just as social networks, contrary to what you might think, will never replace a very good position in Google, given that 95% of searches are carried out... in Google and the main search engines.

A good graphic design will of course be desirable, and a communications agency may be worth consulting, but the challenge for a restaurant is above all to be found in Google and for table reservations to be made directly to avoid Lafourchette commissions.

The same goes for calling in a professional photographer to make the most of your establishment. 

An attractive restaurant website, yes! But above all one that's well referenced! Think about it!

Prominent Calls to Action

CHR Optimize 360

As well as being well referenced, restaurant websites need to encourage bookings, so the "Call to Action" texts "Book a table" "Call us" "Find the restaurant" "Clickable e-mail address" "Contact form" need to be very prominent, but also clickable and visible throughout the site without detracting from the graphic quality.

A design tool as simple as Wixcan obviously do the job without investing huge sums of money in creating a restaurant site.

However, be sure to bear in mind the points raised here.

Choose a high-performance booking engine for your restaurant

Guestonline Optimize 360

Perhaps the restaurant is already working with Lafourchette to generate bookings, particularly at less busy times of the week.

But the commissions can end up being astronomical, and you are literally handing over your customer database to a partner who will not hesitate to make offers to some of your competitors. 

So get help from a communications and SEO agency like Optimize 360 to free yourself from the Lafourchette juggernaut, and use independent, high-performance booking engines like Guestonline for example.

These same booking engines can also be very useful for digitising your booking book, taking bank details to avoid No Shows, while complying with regulations on the storage of bank card data.

Interesting "extras" for a restaurant website

Clickable telephone number from the restaurant's mobile site

Most of your potential customers are now online, like you, from a mobile phone.

So having clickable links, such as your phone number on the mobile version of your website, is a must.

A restaurant menu that's easy to consult... and update 

There is also a map (Menu) that can be consulted and viewed from a mobile phone...

And if possible, updated in real time, or almost, so that you don't find the New Year's Day menu in July of the following year.

E-reputation widgets

Recalling the good ratings and reviews that your customers have left on your Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, and all the directories on which reviews are posted, can be an essential reassurance point for your potential customers.

Any feature that improves conversion and booking rates is a good one.

There are many examples of sites that have none of these features, which is a shame for them.

The minimum information required is not always taken into account.

Work on the natural referencing of a restaurant website

Traditional natural referencing of the restaurant's website

If you want to reach the top positions in Google and overtake your competitors on queries such as "restaurant + geography where you are", you can't do it by an operation of the Holy Spirit.

It's essential to work on your SEO to boost your presence on the Internet and get to the top of the results of the main search engines.

If your site is a showcase for your business and has only the best graphics but no tags to influence Google robots, you won't be found or you won't be found well, or you'll leave the lion's share to Lafourchette or your competitors.

Local referencing

Local" search engine optimisation means that you will appear in Google with a page summarising your activity and location, called the "Local Search Engine Optimisation". Google Knowledge Graph" .



If well thought-out, this same knowledge graph will enable you to appear in more generic local searches without your restaurant's name being mentioned.

Call on a Search Engine Optimisation Agency SEO like Optimize 360 to get similar results!

You'll have a very strong de facto presence in Google Maps and Waze.

Other geolocated directories

Don't forget all the "peripheral" directories either, even if Google has become hegemonic...

  • Apple Plan
  • Waze

  • Mappy
  • Yelp

  • Yellow Pages
  • And so on.

Should you use Google Ads to promote your restaurant website?

Apart from very large catering groups, very few independent establishments do this. And that's for cost reasons.

But the first action you need to take is to prevent organisations like Lafourchette from positioning themselves using Google Ads by buying your own name.

The latter cannibalise you and divert you from customers who were looking for you, making them come to their platform instead of letting customers book directly with you.

This practice is literally scandalous and we must not let them do it and "show our teeth" if necessary.

Optimize 360 has successfully helped to eliminate this unfair competition time and time again.

How to finally do without Lafourchette and its commissions

The paradox is that some restaurants that don't have a favourable catchment area, or that want to promote less busy weekends, tend to use Lafourchette.

This can be a profitable way of launching your business or boosting it, but you absolutely must put other means in place to avoid becoming dependent on them and to ensure that you only get "promotion hunters" in terms of customers.

It's all a question of balance, on the one hand, and a desire to build up a loyal customer base, on the other.
But Optimize 360 will show you, with figures to back it up, that many restaurants have ended up becoming autonomous and have managed to do without Lafourchette altogether.

How to increase your E-Reputation in the restaurant sector and outperform your competitors in this area

One of the most effective ways of standing out from the competition is to obtain positive customer reviews in a perfectly legal way.

Obviously, you can never turn a donkey into a racehorse, but as long as the quality is there in terms of cuisine, service and value for money, then there's no reason not to manage your E-Reputation and try to improve it.

How do we do it?

The first thing is to manage all the customer reviews posted on all the platforms that allow this, in a centralised way, without it becoming too time-consuming.

The second is to solicit customer opinions from those who are satisfied, and who don't do so spontaneously.

Indeed, it is mainly dissatisfied customers who express themselves, while those who are satisfied declare it much less spontaneously.

So it's going to be a case of getting them to express themselves... 

Optimize 360, E-Reputation Agency, will give you the best recipes and tools for doing this.

Are social networks important as a complement to the restaurant's website?

optimize 360 chr

So yes... they are, but paradoxically much less so than Google...

Why? Because, on the one hand, we rarely or never look for a restaurant on Facebook or Instagram... We look for it on Google, Tripadvisor or Lafourchette...

Social networks, on the other hand, are important for consolidating your image and conveying it through posts, photos and videos.

Optimize 360 will give you the best advice on where and how to focus your efforts.

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