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You want to work with the best web agency liberal professions?

Optimize 360 helps you create and list your products Google of your website dedicated to the liberal professions.

We are able not only to help them create high-performance websites, but also to turn their website into a genuine channel for acquiring new customers, enabling them to create a genuine source of online awareness and visibility, without infringing the rules governing regulated professions.

Use your website to boost your visibility Google in full respect of the regulated professions

Old notary nameplate.
Old notary nameplate.
Agence Web Professions Libérales

You want to work with the best web agency liberal professions?

Optimize 360 helps you create and list your products Google of your website dedicated to the liberal professions.

We are able not only to help them create high-performance websites, but also to turn their website into a genuine channel for acquiring new customers, enabling them to create a genuine source of online awareness and visibility, without infringing the rules governing regulated professions.

Use your website to boost your visibility Google in full respect of the regulated professions

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They trust us in the world of the professions and beyond
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Located throughout France, our Optimize 360 web agencies will be happy to advise you on website development, as well as on the best way to propel your website to the top of Google search results.

Calling on an agency like Optimize 360 is the best long-term way of ensuring that your website for the self-employed appears among the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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Advertising rules for regulated professions

Regulated liberal professions: what is the situation?

A liberal profession is an advisory or intellectual service activity carried out in its own right by a self-employed person or a firm of self-employed persons in the same profession.

Regulated professions are those that require a specific diploma or qualification before they can be practised, and these are governed and supervised by an Order that imposes very precise operating rules and compliance with a code of ethics or a code of conduct.

The doctors, the lawyers, chartered accountants, notaries, architects... are regulated liberal professions.

Many other professions are not regulated (web designers, graphic artists, coaches, consultants, etc.) and are not subject to the same obligations.

Advertising ban for regulated liberal professions?

Normally, the regulated liberal professions are subject to a ban on advertising, as their activities are of a civil rather than a commercial nature.

This rule means that the dissemination of pure advertising content, such as promotional offers, sales slogans and advertising (particularly comparative advertising), is prohibited for many regulated professions.

Media that are similar to advertising should be avoided or even banned, such as promotional leaflets, radio or TV adverts, 4 by 3 advertising inserts, etc. Facebook or social network adverts.

That doesn't mean you can't explain your services and the quality of those services....

Sometimes it's all about nuance, and how you communicate it.

Actions such as leafleting in the street or letterboxes, or launching an email advertising campaign are not permitted.

However, regulations are tending to become more flexible for many professions as a result of web usage.

It is now essential for all businesses and professionals to have at least one showcase site on the Internet, including regulated liberal professions.

This is where our Web Agency Optimize 360 advises the liberal professions and manages their digital strategy and communication within the framework of the law and what is possible (or not).

The ban on advertising is not a ban on information.

Regulated liberal professions are entitled to disseminate educational or informative content (opening hours, rates, etc.) which, in practice, is a form of indirect communication (blog, newsletters, information leaflets, etc.).

Ban on advertising for certain liberal professions

Each regulated liberal profession is governed by an Order and follows specific regulations.

You will need to refer to the regulations relating to your profession to find out what the law says about the right or ban on advertising and canvassing.

Advertising for lawyers

For example, for lawyers, the decree of 28 October 2014 n. 2014-1251 mentions: "Personalised advertising and solicitation are permitted for lawyers if they provide sincere information on the nature of the services offered."

Advertising for doctors

With regard to the practice of medicine, article 19 of the French Public Health Code states quite explicitly: "Medicine must not be practised as a business. All direct or indirect advertising is prohibited".

Advertising for architects

Architects are also regulated liberal professions, but they benefit from more flexible regulations.
They must comply with the Code of Professional Duties for Architects - article 10 bis: "Architects may use advertising within the framework of the legislation in force (...)".

Advertising for notaries

Although notarial bodies are skilful in their use of communication strategy and tools to promote their own interests, sometimes creating new forms of communication with boldness and humour, notarial offices are often hesitant in their initiatives and actions.

Although strict ethical rules must be respected, it is possible to put in place a simple and effective communication strategy, in accordance with the rules.

Advertising" is defined as activity designed to publicise a brand, encourage the public to buy a product or use a service "or "any form of communication made in the course of a trade, business, craft or profession with the aim of promoting the supply of goods or services, including immovable property, rights and obligations".

Article 4.4.1 of the National Rules of Notaries reads as follows

" All advertising of a personal nature is forbidden to notaries... Any other communication to the public may be subject to a posteriori control by the Chamber of Notaries in order to verify its compliance with ethical rules. ".

If we confine ourselves to these preliminary remarks, we could wrongly conclude that notaries have no room for manoeuvre when it comes to making themselves known.

However, such a conclusion would be hasty and incorrect. By combining these provisions with the general definitions of the term "advertising", it is possible to define an area of action that allows each notarial office, whatever its size, to promote its services while complying with the strict rules of the profession.

In other words, notaries have legitimate ways of making themselves known.

the Optimize 360 web agency will show you the possibilities

Digital communication for the regulated professions The Internet has gradually changed advertising practices and codes.

The regulations governing digital communication have evolved accordingly.

It is built up over time and varies according to the liberal professions and the Order concerned.

Most of the time, the Orders tolerate: a showcase site when it is informative and practical (address, opening hours, rates, etc.), and the fact that it is well referenced on the Internet (SEO).

Be careful, a graphic charter on a showcase site could be tantamount to direct advertising.

For many regulated self-employed professionals (particularly in the medical sector), it is essential to present a sober showcase site, devoid of any marketing appeal.

Sending newsletters for information or educational purposes, or to announce current events, is permitted...

Among other specificities, domain names and the use of keywords on websites may be restricted depending on the regulated liberal profession.

For lawyers, for example, the use of a domain name to create a website must include the words "avocat" (lawyer).

The terms "specialisations", "specialties" and similar terms may only be used in relation to any specialisation that the lawyer may have officially certified. Buying keywords and digital advertising

The purchase of keywords, paid search and natural search services are communication activities that may or may not be authorised, depending on the Order governing the profession concerned.

The Ordre des avocats, for example, has authorised canvassing on the Internet, including natural or paid referencing, e-mailing campaigns, etc.

Doctors are not allowed to advertise digitally.

If you are a regulated liberal profession and you are looking to promote yourself, it is imperative that you contact your professional association or our Optimize 360 web agency before embarking on any marketing and sales initiatives, whether on the Internet or through any other medium.

The regulatory framework can vary greatly depending on the business.

What is the role of a web agency specialising in the liberal professions?

A web agency is a company specialising in the creation, design and management of websites.
Its main role is to support its customers in implementing an effective digital strategy tailored to their needs and objectives.

Firstly, the web agency can help its customers define their overall digital strategy while complying with the rules governing these regulated professions.

Research your online market and your competitors

to identify market trends and consumer needs.

Analyse competition in the liberal professions and online players.

to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your field and identify gaps in your online positioning.

Determining the target customer (Buyer Persona) on the web

and set clear, precise objectives.

Designing and developing websites for the self-employed

It can produce graphic mock-ups to define the visual aspect of the site and propose functionalities tailored to its customers' needs.

It can also be responsible for setting up the site's technical architecture and its development.

Once the website has been created, the web agency can help its customers implement a natural referencing strategy (SEO) to improve their site's visibility on search engines and generate qualified traffic to the site.

Maintaining and managing its customers' websites.

It can offer hosting solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and ensure that the site is regularly updated to guarantee its security and smooth operation.

It can also offer technical support services to meet its customers' needs in the event of a problem.

In short, the role of a web agency is to support its customers in implementing an effective digital strategy by creating and managing their website and ensuring its visibility on search engines.

It can also maintain and manage the website to ensure its smooth operation and security.


How does a web agency specialising in the liberal professions work?

A web agency needs to operate in an efficient and organised way to deliver quality services to its clients.

Here are a few key elements for the operation of a web agency:

Listening to customer needs:

Web agencies need to listen to their customers to understand their needs and objectives. It must be able to propose solutions tailored to meet its customers' expectations.

Defining a digital strategy :

The web agency must be able to develop a digital strategy for its clients based on their needs and objectives.

This strategy must include the design, development and promotion of the website.

Creating a website for your liberal profession:

A web agency must be able to create a website that meets its clients' expectations. It must ensure that the website is ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It must also ensure that it chooses the most appropriate CMS (Content Management System) depending on whether it is a showcase website, a corporate website or an e-commerce website that is being created.

Other very important aspects also need to be taken into account, such as languages, prices, delivery logistics, terms and conditions, legal notices, etc.

SEO referencing your professional website:

The web agency must be able to propose solutions to optimise the natural referencing of the website on search engines such as Google.

Website maintenance :

Web agencies are responsible for maintaining their clients' websites.

It must be able to resolve technical problems quickly and ensure site security.

Monitoring and analysing the online performance of your website:

The web agency must be able to monitor and analyse the results of its actions. It must be able to propose solutions to improve the website's performance.

To operate effectively, a web agency needs a multi-skilled, well-organised team.

This team must include specialists in web development, graphic design, SEO and digital marketing.

Each member of the team (project group) must have specific skills to guarantee the quality of the services offered.



What services does a web agency specialising in the liberal professions offer?

The services offered by a web agency may vary depending on their areas of expertise and specific offerings, but here are some of the services commonly offered:

Design of showcase websites, institutional websites 

design and creation of personalised websites for businesses and individuals.

Web development :

creation of advanced functionalities for websites, such as content management systems (CMS), web applications, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Natural referencing (SEO) :

search engine optimisation of websites to increase their visibility and organic traffic.

Content marketing :

creating quality content for websites, including blog posts, infographics, videos, etc., with the aim of attracting and engaging visitors.

Social network management for the liberal professions :

Creation and management of social network accounts for businesses, as well as implementing marketing strategies on social networks.

Maintenance, support and facilities management 

updating and ongoing maintenance of the websites, as well as providing technical support and assistance in the event of problems.

Web analysis and web performance tracking analytics

Collection and analysis of website data, such as traffic, user behaviour, conversion rates, etc., in order to optimise website performance.

These services can be offered individually or as complete packages, depending on the specific needs of each customer.



Why use a web agency specialising in the liberal professions?

Calling on a quality web agency has many advantages for your business or your online project.

Here are a few reasons why this can be beneficial:

Reflexes linked to the regulation of regulated professions

Our consultants are fully aware of your regulatory constraints

So they have reflexes linked to your activity even before talking about your website.

Technical digital skills :

A quality web agency has a team of professionals with expertise in a range of areas, including website design, development, digital strategy and search engine optimisation.

They have the knowledge and skills needed to create high-performance websites tailored to your needs.

Web experience :

Quality web agencies often have a great deal of experience in the web sector, having worked on numerous projects for different clients.

This experience enables them to understand the needs of each customer and propose solutions tailored to their objectives.

Time saving :

By working with a quality web agency, you can save time by delegating the design, development and maintenance of your website.

This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Quality of web creations (cf. customer case studies) :

Quality web agencies aim to deliver quality work to their clients.

They ensure that every website they create is high-performance, user-friendly and meets industry standards.

Scalability of the web agency :

A quality web agency can also help your website evolve over time.

They can advise you on improvements to be made, new features to be added and updates to be carried out to keep your website performing well and up to date.

Support and maintenance :

By working with a quality web agency, you often benefit from ongoing support and maintenance for your website.

They can help you to resolve technical problems, carry out repairs or make changes to your equipment. updates and answer any questions you may have about how your website works.

In short, using a quality web agency can be an excellent investment for your business or online project, giving you a high-performance website that is tailored to your needs and can evolve over time.



How do you choose the right web agency?

Choosing a web agency is crucial to the success of your online project. Here are a few key points to bear in mind when making the right choice:

Knowledge of your liberal profession

Above all, to understand each other and speak the same language, to have the same reflexes as those inherent in your business, in the Loi Evin and in the health warnings linked to this law. 

Understanding your digital strategy needs:

Before you start looking for a web agency, clearly define your web development needs. What are the objectives of your project? What type of site or application do you need? What features are important to you?

Experience and expertise of the web agency :

Check the experience and expertise of the web agency in question. Take a look at their portfolio and website to see the projects they have completed and the skills they have acquired over time.

Technical skills of the Web agency :

Make sure the web agency has the technical skills needed to carry out your project. Check that their team has the necessary programming, design, digital marketing and SEO skills.

Communication and support :

Make sure the web agency is easily accessible and will provide you with adequate support throughout your project. You should be able to communicate with them easily and regularly.

Overall budget for creating AND maintaining your website :

Determine your budget from the outset and check that the web agency you have chosen is able to work within your budget.

Existing customer references and testimonials:

Read the testimonials and customer references to get a clear idea of the quality of the work provided by the web agency.

Corporate culture :

Make sure that the web agency's corporate culture matches your values and your vision of the project. It's important to work with a web agency whose corporate culture is in harmony with your own.

In short, choosing a web agency involves taking into account a number of factors such as experience, technical skills, budget, communication, references and corporate culture. By taking these key elements into account, you can choose the web agency that best suits your needs and your online project.



How much does a freelance web agency charge?

Web agency rates vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the size of the agency, its geographical location, the skills and experience of the team members, the type of project and the services required.

In general, web agencies charge either an hourly rate or a fixed price for a complete project.

The hourly rate can vary from a few dozen to a few hundred euros, depending on the complexity of the project and the agency's experience. And depending on the level of customisation required, as well as its technical complexity (advanced functionalities / interfaces with third-party software / translations etc.), the hourly rate can vary from a few dozen to a few hundred euros. )

The price for a complete project can also vary considerably depending on the client's needs and the services provided by the agency.

To get a clearer idea of the prices charged by web agencies, we recommend that you contact several agencies and request detailed quotes for your specific project.

It is also important to take into account other factors such as the quality of the work supplied, delivery times and after-sales service before making a final choice.



What's the difference between an SEO agency and a traditional web agency?

A classic web agency is an agency that focuses on the design and development of websites for its clients.

It can also offer other services such as web hosting, site maintenance and security, content management, etc.

On the other hand, a SEO agency (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on optimizing websites for search engines, with the aim of ranking the site as high as possible in organic search results.

It uses a combination of on-page SEO techniques (content optimisation, site structure, etc.) and off-page SEO techniques (backlinking, creation of quality content, etc.) to achieve this objective.

Optimize 360, Web and SEO Agency, has the double expertise in this field



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