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Optimize 360 can create beautiful showcase websites to promote your business to potential customers, investors, candidates, journalists, partners, etc.

The majority of sites in the world (compared with e-commerce sites) are therefore the most widespread and most frequently encountered on the web.

Even if their purpose is less "commercial" than an e-commerce site, they still need to be appealing and seductive to attract an audience and well referenced (SEO) to generate qualified traffic linked to your activity or services.

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What is a showcase site?

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Showcase sites are websites that present the products and services of a company or organisation for the purposes of online corporate brochures and/or the presentation of brands, products or services that are not necessarily sold online.

Unlike "catalogue" or "e-commerce" sites, their primary purpose is not to sell online.

However, they can/should make you want to find out more, and seduce your online audience.

In spite of everything, these sites are used to attract visitors and potential customers, as well as investors and journalists who are likely to invest in your business or report on it in the press.

They also enable you to reach new audiences and promote your brand or employer brand.

Why create a showcase website?

Genuine online business card

The showcase website, as its name suggests, allows you to promote the quality of your institution, brand, offer, products or services.

It's a real online business card that must reflect your image and at the same time encourage people to find out more, to visit you or to make a purchase or reservation (e.g. hotel website, restaurant website).

To showcase your business, you'll need to put quality, attractive content online that reflects who you are.

Very didactic, explanatory and full of text, photos and video content to enhance the value of your online business.

Opening up to the World Wide Web

The advantage of a website (as opposed to a simple presentation brochure) is that it can be made available at any time (7/7 - 24/24) anywhere in France and the world.

While a brochure, unless it's a "La Redoute catalogue", will generally only be in one language, a showcase website can quite easily be translated into all the languages of potential Internet users and customers likely to be interested in you.

In fact, international referencing of your site is de facto made easier, and there are a priori no limits to Internet distribution.

Website Showcase = Sales pitch for your brand and products

Whatever your sector of activity, your brand image matters. From the local company to the multinational.

The purpose of your showcase site is to give you maximum visibility, to relay your news in real time and, provided it is web responsive, to act as a mobile application so that it can be seen and found on smartphones and tablets too.

In the minds of Internet users, finding you by means other than social networks will be essential, especially if they are looking for your activity via search engines.

What reflexes should you adopt when creating a showcase site?

As online advertising media, showcase sites must make people want to find out more, to buy, to visit your business, to apply for a job, etc.

The codes and reflexes to adopt are therefore to "speak" the language of the Internet user, to appeal to them, to seduce them and make them want to fill in a contact form or call you to find out more.

Elements such as contact forms, "call to actions", clickable telephone numbers from a mobile phone and geolocation of your establishment(s) are just as important to highlight as simply respecting your graphic charter and the presence of your products and services.

What technology should you use to create a showcase website?

Having your own bespoke website doesn't necessarily require innovative CMS (Content Management System) solutions to create it.

All CMS on the market will be potentially usable. 

The central question that a Web Design Agency The question of whether or not the CMS can become an e-commerce site, if that is/will be the client's wish at some point in the future, has more to do with the international presence aspect of managing translations and languages.

Is it easy to switch from a showcase site to an e-commerce site?

This is one of the major questions we need to ask ourselves...

Some CMS such as Wordpress can make it fairly easy to move from a showcase site to an e-commerce site, provided you don't want to put thousands of products online overnight, with multilingual support and overly complex logistics management.

If this is the intention from the outset, it would be advisable to consider stage 2 straight away, even if this is not the short-term priority.

Creating your website with Wordpress can therefore be quite judicious.

Should an online showcase site be properly referenced?

Whatever your field of activity, creating high-quality content is not enough on its own to hope to climb to the top of the search results on the Internet.

The SEO of your showcase site will therefore be crucial if your business and your site are to be found in search engines.

All the more so if you are dealing with strong competition .

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