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Optimize 360 is a web design agency specialised in Wordpress.

Create your website with Wordpress, and you're guaranteed to be working with the world leader in CMS, and with the largest Open Source community on the market.

High-performance sites par excellence, you'll be equipped with a cutting-edge tool to help your activity or online business stand out and be promoted on the main search engines, such as Google.

Optimize 360 Wordpress Web Agency

What is Wordpress? Why choose a Wordpress Web Agency?

Wordpress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that enables agencies to create high-performance websites.
Open source means that there is always a worldwide community of developers constantly improving all aspects of this website creation software, as well as the small programs (plugins, extensions, etc.) that are added to it.

Choosing a wordpress web agency means putting your trust in the world leader in CMS, and in the largest community of developers working on it.

Typically formatted for content management, Wordpress meets a wide range of needs in terms of web communication strategy, even beyond simple site creation.

Wordpress is the most widely used website creation tool in the world, with a 64% market share.

What is a (good) Wordpress web agency?

Mastering your digital strategy inevitably involves mastering your website.

A good Wordpress agency will therefore be one that has an in-depth understanding of how this CMS works within its digital projects.

It's not enough to buy a theme on Themeforest (or equivalent) to master its development.

Ideally, the agency should be able to modify or transform the theme for customisation purposes to meet a precise brief and specification.

An expert agency will be judged not only on the number of quality sites it has put online and optimised, but also on its ability to optimise loading times and user experience, whether for classic sites, catalogue sites, showcase sites or e-commerce sites.

A good wordpress agency must also be a good SEO agency

Why use a WordPress Web Agency?

Calling on a Wordpress agency to create your website means that you can be sure of developing a site that will be easy to optimise for SEO.

Wordpress comes with a number of quasi-native plugins (Yoast SEO, Rank Math, etc.) which can be used to check the quality of the content produced in the eyes of the main search engines.

It's also an almost native ability to produce long tail content for SEO purposes, thanks to the blog itself being native.

A Digital Agency Optimize 360 will be able to guide you perfectly to create a high-performance website that reflects your image.

Why use the Wordpress CMS to create your website?

Whether it's respecting the graphic charter or simplifying updates, Wordpress is extremely flexible. Wordpress is the cornerstone of any successful digital strategy, with a starting point (the website) that will become the perfect receptacle for your qualified traffic.

Many of the millions of websites being created around the world, including small businesses, SMEs and large groups, rely on this technology.
Easy updates, easily optimised loading times and the ability to run e-commerce using Woocommerce for Wordpress make this CMS highly flexible and adaptable.

Wordpress meets the needs of all types of site and all types of digital project. A good digital agency is bound to have teams specialising in this area.

Why is wordpress good for SEO?

Of all the different types of website, Wordpress is undoubtedly the easiest to work on for the purposes of optimising the natural search engine optimisation (SEO).

Site owners who want to do SEO are well aware of this. Optimising a page from the structural point of view, with Title, h1, h2, h3 tags, etc., is very simple.

And long-tail SEO content is almost native, given that Wordpress was originally designed for blogging.

Creating a website using Wordpress doesn't necessarily require years of experience.
A good technical and expert team like Optimize 360 will help you develop your digital project with personalised support.

Is it possible to do e-commerce with WordPress?

Optimize 360 Wordpress Web Agency creation of wordpress woocommerce sites

Whatever your business sector, Wordpress can be the ideal solution for developing your e-commerce site without having to use dedicated CMS such as Prestashop, Magento or Shopify.

Among the useful Wordpress extensions, Woocommerce has been developed to give you the best E-Commerce functionality in Wordpress. Numerous extensions dedicated to Woocommerce expand the range of possibilities for an online shop that's as ergonomic as it is effective.

Want to create a Wordpress website?

Find a Wordpress expert close to your company to discuss your project

10 questions - answers about Optimize 360 Web Agency

Who is Optimize 360?

Optimize 360 is a web agency specialising in the creation of high-performance websites, the natural referencing SEO, the online advertising (SEA) and digital strategy in the broadest sense.

It supports companies in their digital transformation by providing them with solutions tailored to their needs, including high-performance websites.

Why choose the Optimize 360 web agency?

Optimize 360 offers cutting-edge expertise in digital strategy, business intelligence and website creation, creation of E-Commerce sites ( with any type of CMS ), a team of qualified professionals and a personalised approach to each project.

What's more, it guarantees a tangible improvement in performance in terms of visibility and conversion.

What services does the Optimize 360 digital agency offer?

Optimize 360 offers a full range of services for website creation, SEO, online advertising and digital strategy.

It takes charge of all aspects of the project, from design to online launch and ongoing optimisation, as well as the management of the site. performance tracking (ROI)

How does a website creation project work with Optimize 360?

The Optimize 360 project process is based on an agile approach, working closely with the customer throughout the project.

The stages include needs analysis, design, development, launch and monitoring of results.

How do you measure the results of an Optimize 360 web service?

Optimize 360 offers regular monitoring of the results of each service, using key indicators such as site traffic, conversion rate, return on investment, etc.

It also provides detailed reports to assess the effectiveness of the actions taken.

What are Optimize 360's references?

Optimize 360 has worked with many companies of different sizes and in different sectors, including SMEs, start-ups, large companies and public institutions.

It has also won several awards and certifications for the quality of its services.

List of customer references and results here.

How do I contact the Optimize 360 web agency?

To get in touch with Optimize 360, simply fill in the form below. contact form on its website, or make an appointment for a free consultation.

The team will be happy to answer any questions and present its customised solutions.

How can I keep up to date with news from the Web Optimize 360 agency?

To keep up to date with Optimize 360 news, you can subscribe to its newsletter, follow its social networks or regularly consult its blog.

The team regularly publishes articles on the latest market trends and innovations in digital strategy.

What are the fees for Optimize 360 services?

Pricing for Optimize 360 services depends on the needs and objectives of each project.

The team draws up a personalised quote based on the services required, and offers solutions to suit every budget.

How do you measure customer satisfaction with Optimize 360?

You have customer cases by sector of activity, by business lineand testimonials in the Customer References section, with the objectives, methods used and results obtained.

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