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Optimize 360, Web design agency under Wix, creates and optimises top-quality websites.

For a long time, Wix was considered to be the poor relation of CMSs because of its poor ability to be well referenced.

Optimize 360 shows you that this is no longer the case, and that for businesses, tradespeople and self-employed professionals who want a site that looks good, performs well and doesn't cost a lot, it's perfectly feasible with this CMS, and it's even capable of being referenced in the Google and the main search engines.

Optimize 360 Wix Web Agency - Website creation with Wix

What is a Wix Web Agency?

A Wix Web Agency is a company specialising in the creation and management of websites built using the Wix platform. These agencies have in-depth expertise in Wix and its features, and can help you create a professional, customised website that meets your specific needs.

Services offered by a Wix Web Agency :

Wix web agencies offer a wide range of services, such as :

Wix website design and creation: They can create a fully customised Wix website based on your brand identity, your sector of activity and your objectives.

Development of Wix functionalities: They can develop custom features for your Wix website, such as contact forms, online shops or booking systems.

Search engine optimisation and SEO: They can optimise your Wix website for search engines to improve its visibility and organic traffic.

Digital marketing: They can help you promote your Wix website on social networks, search engines and other digital channels.

Maintenance and support: They can maintain and support your Wix website, ensuring that it is always up to date and secure.

What is the Wix software and CMS for creating a website?

Optimize 360 Wix Web Agency - Website creation with Wix

Wix is a CMS (Content Management System), an online SaaS platform for creating HTML5 websites and mobile versions.

Designed to give beginners a chance to create a site at the lowest possible cost, this platform gives access to the uninitiated.

Quite intuitive and easy to use, the process can become more complex for everyone when you want to start adding very specific functions.

Especially when it comes to SEO and search engine optimisation.

It will also be more 'touchy' to manage multilingual and e-commerce functionalities, and/or to add external modules (e.g. CRM forms, web marketing functionalities).

Optimize 360 has often found that individuals and small businesses have tried their hand at creating their first site using Wix, only for it to be left incomplete or abandoned due to a lack of additional skills to fully optimise it.

To make sure you go all the way with an effective wix site...

Create a website with Wix. Is it accessible to everyone?

That's what Wix was originally designed for...

Make website creation accessible to everyone with an intuitive user interface.

Many self-employed people, shopkeepers and very small businesses have tried their hand at it, sometimes with success, but when it comes to giving an extra boost and impetus, we realise that we need broader Digital Strategy skills to go further.

Digital communication can't be improvised. You need years of experience to acquire the skills of the best agencies.

So call in a good wix site design agency to make sure you're going in the right direction.

Why work with an SEO-savvy wix web agency to create your Wix site?

Unless you are an SEO expert yourself, the creation of a website should ideally be done with the objective of emerging in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) of the main search engines.

Because Wix doesn't have the same features as Wordpress, referencing your Wix site correctly can become quite difficult.

Using an SEO agency to help you is far from being a luxury.

The reflexes and know-how of a wix SEO Agency

Over and above the technical knowledge you need to create your wix site, and the reflexes that a communications agency can give you, carrying out SEO semantic research and knowing which key words to use to reference your site is not something you can improvise.

The wix platform includes an SEO module, but it's far from enough to get your site to the top of the Google search results.

Calling on an SEO Agency like Optimize 360 will guarantee your success.

A full audit of what already exists, of your competitors, research into the keywords typed in by your potential customers... all require dedicated tools that Wix does not offer in its package.

The best solution for successful SEO strategies is to call on the services of SEO experts.

Mistakes often made when creating a wix site on your own

Even if the websites created by private individuals look "pretty", the SEO aspects requiring content that is relevant to Google are often overlooked.

And for good reason, not just with wix, site creators think above all about presenting their activity and their services in the best possible way, but very rarely express this so that the indexing robots can find them.

Even with different CMS or similar technologies, thinking that you can do everything on your own for reasons of value for money is often the biggest mistake you make.

Until you realise that your site is indeed pretty, but not visible and... with no qualified traffic.

Performance differences between a Wix site and a site using another CMS

Any wix agency will tell you that the CMS is a great way to get started.

Because of course, creating content, building links and setting up beautiful pages is very easy with Wix. And potentially effective 

The choice of CMS should be based more on considerations of ancillary functionality and the robustness of the solution.

Wix doesn't allow you to customise and interface too much. 

When it comes to web marketing, powerful e-commerce and multilingual management, other CMSs are probably more appropriate.

When in doubt...

Can you run web marketing campaigns with a Wix site base?

From this point of view, a competent agency will tell you that you can get started with this, but that to get the most out of your web marketing actions, you will probably need to equip yourself with more powerful external tools.

From managing e-mail campaigns to managing advertising campaigns on social networks, you will need to extract and use user databases from your contact forms.

Wix was clearly not designed to go much further than creating visible, well-presented content.

Your digital project will often go beyond that in terms of needs.

The limits of the Wix CMS for creating your website

We've already touched on them a little above, but as soon as you want a robust tool that can interface with other systems, and as soon as you want a highly effective SEO application, you're going to be pretty limited.

The best way to choose the best CMS is to enlist the help of an agency specialising in website creation that doesn't just do Wix.

Would you like to create a wix website?

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