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In the world of referencing natural netlinking has a key role to play in improving the visibility of a website on search engines.

It is therefore essential to master the latest trends and practices in netlinking in order to stay in the race and stand out from the competition. In this article, we'll look at some of the current trends in netlinking that will help you develop a high-performance strategy.

Netlinking trends

1. The quality of links is of paramount importance

Avec les mises à jour régulières des algorithms from Googlemore and more sites are looking to obtain quality links, plutôt que de simplement multiplier les backlinks sans réelle valeur. En effet, avoir un grand nombre de liens provenant de sites peu qualitatifs ou non pertinents ne fait qu’engendrer des pénalités et nuire au ranking de votre site. Il est donc crucial de privilégier les partenariats avec des domaines de confiance, capable de générer un qualified traffic et de booster votre positionnement.

How do you identify the quality of a link?

    • Le Domain Authority (DA) : This is an important indicator of a domain's reputation. The higher the score, the more influential the domain will be considered by Google and the better its ranking in the search results.
    • Traffic : Un site qui génère un trafic important est généralement synonyme de popularity, ce qui impactera positivement la qualité du lien.
    • The text anchor : Using optimised anchors that are relevant to your content will also improve the quality of your links.

2. Local netlinking is on the rise

With the rise of local referencingNetlinking can also be adapted to be effective at a geographical level. Obtaining links from local sites can be particularly beneficial for gaining visibility on local queries. This increases the relevance of your site in the eyes of the search engines for a more targeted search. audience geographically targeted, and thus help to improve your SEO local.

Local netlinking opportunities

    • Propose your services or product to related local sites in order to obtain mentions and backlinks.
    • Take part in local events and forge partnerships with other companies and organisations in your region to create opportunities for exchanging links.
    • Contact the local media and offer them exclusive content or interesting information about your business that could be published on their site.

3. Co-citations and co-occurrences, new netlinking strategies

La co-citation refers to the relationship between two websites that are mentioned on the same page but are not directly linked. For their part co-occurrences concernent la présence répétée d’un mot-clé ou d’une marque associée à un champ lexical sur différents sites. Selon les experts SEO, ces deux éléments semblent influer de plus en plus sur le positionnement des pages dans les résultats de recherche.

Implementing a strategy of co-citations and co-occurrences

    • Choosing the right partners: Dans ce contexte, il est essentiel de nouer des partenariats avec des influenceurs et domaines pertinents par rapport à votre activité, afin d’améliorer la visibilité de votre site et augmenter vos chances d’être cité.
    • Producing quality content: This naturally encourages other players in your field to cite your content and create positive associations between your brand and your niche.
    • Participate in discussions on forums and social networks: This allows you to deliberately place mentions of the site(s) or brand(s) you wish to associate with your site, which can improve co-citations and co-occurrences.

4. Analysing the competition to adjust your own strategy

Analysing the competition is an essential step in developing an effective and efficient netlinking strategy. By taking a close look at your competitors, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the practices that work or don't work in your sector. In this way, you can adapt your own approach, taking inspiration from the best techniques, and avoid certain common mistakes.

Competition analysis systems

    • SEO tools : There are several SEO tools that allow you to carry out a complete analysis of your competitors' backlinks (Majestic, Ahrefsetc.). You can then determine their main sources of links and draw inspiration from them.
    • Analysing content : Decipher the type of content published by your competitors. What subjects are popular? The preferred formats? The angles they use? Use this information to create relevant and engaging content that is different from and/or superior to that of your competitors.
    • Monitoring social networks: Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et Instagram sont des sources intéressantes pour analyser la performance et les interactions des publications de vos concurrents et repérer les influenceurs clés dans votre domaine.

By adopting these netlinking trends, you will increase the visibility of your website and boost its natural referencing.

Don't forget that netlinking practices are constantly evolving as search engines adjust their algorithms. So it's important to stay informed and ready to adapt to changes in SEO.

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