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Optimize 360 is a search engine optimisation agency based in Draguignan and throughout the PACA region. Increase your visibility on Google and generate qualified traffic to your website thanks to first-rate Google referencing 

Founded in 2012, we are experts in digital strategy, and in particular in the SEO actions needed to propel your website into the top Google search results.

Need a full SEO audit? Need to acquire traffic? We'll do everything we can to get you better visibility on Google and the major search engines.

What is natural referencing?

What is SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the sum total of techniques used to index your website in the main search engines, and to propel your website to the top of the search results.

How do I carry out a Search Engine Optimisation audit in Draguignan?

In Draguignan as elsewhere, the most important thing is to analyse the volumes of searches carried out by Internet users (Semantic Analysis), to ensure that you produce the right balance of content for your marketing positioning.

Then our team of SEO experts uses the best SEO tools to analyse what already exists and what separates you from your potential competitors in Draguignan. 

What are the main stages in an SEO strategy?

The main stages are as follows:

    • Carry out a semantic audit of your business sector 
    • Determine the clusters of strategic keywords to be searched for
    • Tagging the website, with Title tags, Meta descriptions, h1, h2, h3, h4... for each page of your site
    • Write appropriate, coherent content with a good mix of marketing presentation and strategic keywords.
    • Managing your site's internal links
    • Implementing a long tail content strategy ( Blog posts )
    • Implement an Off Site SEO strategy (including social networks and directories) (effective netlinking actions)
    • Measuring impact using SEO monitoring tools (SEMrush, Ahref, etc.)
    • Correct and optimise content and content writing over time 

NB: the technical SEO part ( UX user experience, loading time, technical optimisation...)

Should you do SEA alongside SEO?

The ATS (Search Engine Advertising) or "paid referencing" is a technique for buying keywords (sponsored links) in order to be present, in particular, in the first 4 positions at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Not necessarily... It all depends on how quickly you want to move up the SERPs, the level of competition present (and who is doing / would do the same) and Google Ads campaigns. 

And, of course, the budget you have available.

An SEO strategy will enable you to have a lasting presence in the search results, whereas SEA will be a one-off operation and/or linked solely to the budget you inject (or not). 

But for some e-commerce sites in particular, generating sales via Google sometimes means setting up SEA and paid search campaigns.

Optimize 360 to help you in this process. We are an approved Google Partner Agency.

The importance of content creation (and the long tail) 

Let's say you have a site with 10 pages, each of which contains 10 keywords. You will hardly be able to go beyond 100 keywords... unless Google interprets and extrapolates your preferred areas.

One way of injecting more is with a Long Tail Content Marketing strategy. The more articles you have (and therefore the more pages you add), the more you'll be able to boost your natural referencing. 

Off-site referencing 

Any good SEO agency As a 2nd step, we recommend that you create "link juice" from other websites, blogs and social networks.

Offsite SEO is one of the pillars of SEO, and an integral part of SEO techniques.

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Why choose our SEO agency in Draguignan?

The proximity of our referencing agency in the PACA region

You want to integrate SEO into your local digital communications.

Optimize 360, Google Partner Agency, will help you use the best SEO techniques to find potential customers on the Internet.

Monthly SEO meetings 

With a presence in the PACA and Côte d'Azur regions, we will provide you with the best SEO solutions, and will visit you every month to establish milestones and corrective actions.

First-class SEO tools

We are equipped with first-rate SEO tools, and from the SEO audit to the operational implementation of natural referencing actions, our monitoring tools will enable you to know the situation of your Google referencing in absolute terms, and compared with the competition.

How quickly can I make progress in Google with SEO?

Everything will depend on your own starting position, and that of your competitors, but we are generally able to produce "Quick Wins" within a few weeks, and then work with you to draw up a plan for building up your visibility over months or even years, to ensure that you have long-term visibility in Google.

Our teams will integrate SEO into your overall web marketing strategies.

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